Chapter Five

 Buffy's Mum gasped. She came to a stand still- a very still stand still- and her peircing blue eyes widened in shock. After a while, she' recovered control of her body enough to move her lips.

 "Oh my God, Buffy! How did you pay for it? It's beautiful! The wood is so beautiful, and it's perfectly clean! I'll bet you that it's in tune. Oh my God! Look how clean the keys are!" She stroked her ring-finger along the ivory keys. Buffy loved seeing her mother so happy; so thrilled. She loved music. Especially piano.

 She sat down at the piano, and she didn't even need to think about which keys to press; she just let her fingers express her emotions. It was a beautiful song, and Buffy knew that she didn't know that before she started playing. 'That's the good thing about being an expert of playing the piano; you can just play what you feel without caring what you're playing.' Buffy thought. She rolled her eyes, smiling.

 "Mum, that song's beautiful. What is it?" Buffy asked, walking over to the piano, then sitting next to her mother on the piano stool.

 "To be honest, I just made it up!" she confessed, smiling warmly. She came to an end after a while.

 "That was nice. Shall we look around some more? There's something in that wardrobe that you have to see." Buffy exclaimed. Her Mum rolled her eyes.

 "I bet it's cool" she stated, smiling excitedly. Buffy nodded, grabbing her Mum by the wish, and pulling her along toward the wardrobe. She raised her eyebrows, and waited for a moment.

 "Okay, trust me, this is awesome!" she said, before yanking open the doors. Buffy's Mum gasped at the contents of the wardrobe.

 "Jesus Christ, Buff! What is all of this crap?" she exclaimed. Buffy rolled her eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

 "It's magic stuff! You know, for witches" Buffy exclaimed.

 "Yeah, because all of that crap is true!" Buffy's Mum said sarcasticly. Buffy scowled, and raised one eyebrow.

 "It is though, Mum! I believe in it!"

 "I do think it's all cool, but I don't believe in it. Sure, I don't mind you believing in it, but I don't." Buffy's Mum said, putting an end to the conversation.

 After a while, Buffy and her Mum both got bored of the room, so they left, going back into Buffy's original room. But there was someone in there. A stranger.

The End

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