Chapter Four

 That night, Buffy had a terrible nightmare. A horrible, terrible nightmare.


The Big Ben tolls, signalling the witching hour. Buffy runs away, not knowing what from, maybe herself, her past or her future. All of it, scary.

 A slow tear rolls down her cheek, leaving a line of wet where it rolls. She turns and looks behind her, as if she's trying to escape from a pursuant.

 She yelps as she trips over something, and she falls to the ground, her nose aimed at a painful place. Suddenly she stops falling. She's hovering; floating in mid air.

 "Huh?" she mutters, surprised. She whirls her head around to see what's happened, but nothing, nor no-one are there. Not a shape or a shadow in sight. Then she realises. It's her. She's doing this to herself. She couldn't believe that she didn't realise it sooner, in a nicer time and place. She's a witch.


 Buffy woke up with a gasp, and with that gasp, went the dream. Buffy knew she had a nightmare, but she couldn't remember it, for some reason. But she had a feeling that it had an important message that she should get. This worried Buffy. She shook her head and sighed, and forgot about it.

 She got up and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready for the day- which was a Saturday, so she didn't need to worry about going to a new school...Yet- and after that she'd go into her secret room and go on the computer in there or something.

 "I must get some food and drink supplies for that place," she muttered to herself on her way out of the bathroom, before walking into her mother.

 "Food and drink supplies? Have you made another tree house, hun? I'd love to see it." Buffy's Mum said, smiling. She was always nice, and nearly always happy with what Buffy did outside of her house. Buffy laughed,

 "No, it's not a tree-house; it's better. You can see it, but you'll have to keep it a secret from Dad and Rich, and everyone." Buffy listed her whole family; her brother, her uncles, aunties, grandmas, grampas, and the list went on. Her mum laughed as well,

 "Okay, okay, sweetie. Now, what is it?" she asked, before Buffy grabbed her wrist, and pulled her into her second, better room.

 Her mum looked around, smiling and laughing at random things like the fridge, and then she saw the piano.

The End

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