Chapter Three

 Buffy walked further into the room, to find another wardrobe next to the door. She frowned and opened it, expecting it to be bare. But it wasn't.

 It wasn't filled with clothes, but it was full to the brim with purple and pink crystal balls, and different ingredient type things, such as: Parsley, Bay leaves, and loads of other different stuff that Buffy'd encountered many times before in Food Tech at school. But there were a few ingredients that she wasn't familiar with. Stuff like: Mantarin Root, Crushed Lava, Happick, and lots of other weirdly named things like that.

 It also had three old looking brooms, a cauldron, different multi-coloured candles, dream catchers, charms, a shoe box with weird white stones inside, jars and jars of white dust and lots of jewellery. And all of the jewellery had a weird star symbol on them. Buffy picked out one that was very simple; just a silver chain, and the star was very thin, as if it had been made using wire, and not proper silver. But it was very strong.

 When Buffy put it on, she felt a surge of strength go through her body, and joy and happiness filled her. She would've frowned in curiosity, but she was too happy and joyful to do that.


She closed the door of the wardrobe, and turned to sit at the piano, and started to play a song that was close to her heart. A River Flows In You, by Yiruma, who was one of her favourite composers at the time.

 At the end of the song, she got bored of piano, and decided to pick up her acoustic guitar that she put next to the piano, along with a microphone (with the stand). She played that, whilst sitting on a stool behind the microphone stand. When she started to play 'Tomorrow' by Avril Lavigne, she thought to herself, 'I have to sing to this.' So she leaned her head closer to the mic, which was at the perfect height for her, and she began to sing along to her guitar playing.

 Buffy had always been a brilliant musician, and an even better singer, so she was perfect when she sang. But for some reason, now that she had the necklace, she sounded better than most singers.

 'What was with this necklace?' she thought. 'Whatever it is, though,' she went on, 'it's brilliant, because it's making me better at everything.'


 After a few hours of playing her instruments, she decided to leave the room to get to bed. It was, after all, twelve o'clock, midnight.

The End

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