Chapter Two

 Buffy put the small Pukka-Pad down on the desk, and put her Fountain Pen in the black, sleek desk-tidy. She sighed, and rose slowly, smiling. She walked around to the bed, tucking the fold-away chair in first, and climbed the metal ladder to get into the bed that stood up high on stilts in the corner of the room.

 She popped in her earphones and listened to a playlist of her favourite songs. Mostly Pop stuff, like Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, 3OH!3, Timbaland, the list could go on...And it did.

 After a while, her mother knocked on the door,

 "Buffy? Did you want these keys? Your Dad managed to get the right one off of the keyring!" she called. Buffy's eyes widened, and her mouth morphed into a smile.

 "Hell yeah!" she shouted as she nearly fell down the ladder in her haste. She swung the door open, and her mother was standing there, the key in the palm of her outstretched hand.

 Buffy's Mum was beautiful. She had long Brunette hair, fair skin that was so soft, and big brown eyes framed by long, dark lashes.

 Buffy grabbed the keys, and ran to the door. She was amazed by what she saw.

 "I'll leave you to it." Her Mum murmured, smiling as she slowly shut the door. Buffy grinned as she skipped into the enormous room.

 It was about nine by nine yards, and her other room was only about half the size of it.

 There was a Grand Piano made from Oak off in the far left corner of the room. It was beautiful, and Buffy loved piano.

 Next to the piano was another metal desk with piles of manuscript paper on the sides, and one of those green lamps were screwed to wall above it.

 Sitting in the other corner of the room was a statue of a beautiful woman. It would've been a manikin for a shop, if it weren't made from stone, and if the features weren't so realistic. But there wasn't any colour on it.

 Looking down, Buffy saw loads of different types of chalk and paints next to the statue, and she immediately realised that she was meant to paint the statue. And Buffy loved painting.


 The room was like a Buffy heaven, and was still a blank-ish canvas. She still had to fill it with stuff like Mini-Fridges and food and stuff to make it her own secret little den. It was perfect.

The End

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