Witch Child

"Dark eyes gleamed at her through the darkness, an evil smile clearly etched into their expressions. Blood is what they wanted, and probably, will get."
New school, new town, new life, right? Well, not for Buffy Swan. She can't ever escape her origin, her original town. Blair.
It was always gonna pop up and make her new life in California a living hell...Literally, but she didn't think that it'd happen so quickly; so easily.
But it did...

 Chapter One

30th June, 2010.

3:40 pm.

 Dear diary,

 Today I entered my new house, and we all moved in quickly, and took to it just as fast. It's brilliant here, and I love it. I hope it'll take my mind off of Blair. I don't want to go there again, in my mind, or in reality.

 I didn't do much today; I just unpacked my stuff, put it all in my new room- the most luxurious one in the house, might I say! My parents must love me!- and got my room a little more homey. It's a very nice, modern room, and everything's metal; the bed, the desks, and there are lots of new and cool looking gadgets everywhere.

 The walls are wooden, but dyed or something. It looks nice. The floors have a carpet on them that is so soft and fluffy, that I could sleep on there. They're a very nice colour, too; cream.

 There's not much stuff in there, just a desk, and wooden wardrobe, a bed, and that's about it. Nothing else but the walls and the floor. And the carpet.

 But there was another door at the back of the room that's locked, and I can't wait to find out what's in there. My mum has the keys, so I'm sure I'll see it soon.



The End

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