Louise smiled as she felt the wind blow her hair, the sound of the water hitting the rocks below her. It was somehow calming and exiting at the same time, strange. 


The Black haired girl smiled bitterly at her lover. the lover who was weeping like a baby right infront of her right at that moment. "What did i do? I promise i can change!!" the brownhaired girl begged desperately.  "Love never says sorry" The black haired girl replied solemly. Her heart hurt too, but her pride prevented her from saying anything more. without anything else she turned around and walked away. Never once did they talk again. because no one was brave enough, no one was really sure who's heart really hurt the most.  

And then... without knowing how and why, The black haired girl died. she died from internal bleeding. Louise stood infront of the gravestone for hours. even in the rain and snow, she stood there everyday, placing a red rose on the gravestone. 

"Here lies Kwon Krystal, Brave and Bright. You left a wound in all of our hearts..." 

And then Louise got enough, she didn't want anymore of it the confusing emotions and the numbness of her heart. her body ran out of space to sooth her mental stress. It didn't matter that her family abandoned her, and disowned ehr for being Lesbian. for being what so many people detested. but at least she knew. she knew that Krystal never meant to hurt her... she really meant to make things easier for her instead. 

"Sir... we have found a body beneath the cliff on the west side of the coast. it seems to be a girl sir. in her teens..." In her pocket the police found a letter.

"I'm sorry, as i wisper those words again and again to you, to the wind that i hope carries my message to you. i'll love you forever and i'll hope you will remember that. When you read this i will already be gone from this world.. i found out i was suffering from this *condition* about 3 months before we broke apart... one month of sorrow, another month of insecutity and the third month of selfhatred. I will always cherish the time i spent with you XOXO Kwon Krystal" 

"Here lies Kwon Krystal and Louise Jung. Love never says sorry. Let those words be forever wispered in the wind"


The End

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