The Plan

  She stopped by an old elm and looked into the stream. She toed at a pile of stones by her feet until she uncovered a perceftly oval rock. Carefully, she bent over and plucked that stone from the rest and held it in her hands, examining it as she thought.

   'Would anyone notice...' she thought, pinching the stone between her hands. She weighed the rock and looked out to the stream. ' Would anyone notice if I were like this rock?'

   She bent her arm back and tossed the stone into the stream. It skipped once, but then sank beneath the flowing surface. Sighing, she hugged herself.

  She had sent her daughters away with her sister today, and her husband, oh her dear and loving Ryan was with his friends at a football game one state over. She never had let him go that far away from home without her, but today was different.

   Slowly, she made her way back through the woods and to her home, where she had left dinner on the oven. Slowly, things were going to unfold today.

The End

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