First Day

I woke up early and took a shower after my dad. As I stared at myself in the mirror, I noticed that I have changed. I grew taller and my hair was longer, too. It had the shade of brown and it was wavy. My lashes were pitch-black and long. My skin had the shade of olive. I have caramel-colored eyes and I look stressed. I had lost weight because of my gym classes during summer.

I know I am different and I won’t fit in this kind of place.

I need to get going, I said to myself. My dad and I ate breakfast together and he wished me luck and gave me a good luck hug. He’s the best dada I have ever had and will always be.

As I went out of the house, I noticed that there were a lot of cars parked in my neighbor’s lot. There were 8 cars. 8. They’re something.

As I headed towards my car, I saw a figure moving in the shadow. The red haired guy was moving towards his car and later, the car started. He drove really fast. Then, he was out of my sight.

Will I see him in school?

Oh no. I shouldn’t think about that.

I, too, headed towards school. When I arrived, it was too early, so I decided I would just sit in the bench in front of the cafeteria and wait for the bell to ring.

When I got out of the car, I saw his car parked at the other side of the parking lot. There was no one inside. I shouldn’t care.

I waited for the bell and as the time ticked, more and more people gathered around the school and it was juts then that I realized that there were only a few people who studies here. I got nervous.

How would I fit in here if I don’t even look like them? They were all blondes and they had tanned skin. This is going to be hard.

The bell rang and I trotted towards my first class. My first class was history and as expected, I introduced myself, and surprisingly, everyone was listening. W-o-w. everyone. Did I forgot something that’s why they seem so intent?

I sat at the empty seat in the front row beside a guy. He looks cute. He has black hair and has blue eyes. His skin was light brown in color and he looks so muscular.

My neighbor looks better, I thought.

The professor already started discussing and I observed that I already know this lesson. As I got bored, I started doodling idly in my notebook.

“Hi there.” The person beside me pulled me out of my thoughts.


“I’m James Charne. You’re Chris, right?”

“Oh. How’d you know?”

“You are the talk of the town last week. Chief Davis was so proud of your arrival.”

I felt the blood rushed to my face, I looked down.

“Oh. That’s quite embarrassing.” I said.

“No. it was great meeting you now personally.”


“So… Mind going with our lunch group later? If you want some company, I’m here to be your friend.”

That was quite warm and nice. “Sure.” I smiled at him. “how many are you in the group?”

“We’re 10. 7 boys and 3 girls. Don’t worry, we’re not notorious.”

I laughed and gave up asking questions.

The bell rang and I headed for the door towards my next class. Chemistry is my next class and I really hate that subject. I walked really slow and wished that I would faint, but unfortunately I reached the door and really, nothing happened. As I opened the door...

“Hello, Miss Davis. It seems to be that you are late and you got lost. Go ahead and take a seat.”

“I’m sorry.”

I felt real embarrassed and promised myself that I would walk really fast next time so I won’t be the center of attention during my favorite subject.

The time was so slow that I got really impatient. I wish that James was here to keep me company. At least, he promised to fetch me later before lunch so I won’t get lost. I doodled again in my notebook and did not have the interest to listen.

The bell rang, telling us that it was lunch time and I got really excited. It was fun to have a new friend that would keep me company. I’m sure I won’t have a hard time fitting in anymore.

I opened the door and James was there with the red-haired guy from my neighborhood. What? And there was this girl holding his hand.


“Hey.” James greeted me.

“Oh. Hi”

The girl seemed so bored and broke the silence.

“James, would you mind introducing her to us?” the girl had an Italian accent.

“Okay. If that’s what you want. Chris, this is Ashley and her boyfriend, Chaske. Ashley and Chaske—meet Chris.” He said, bored.

“Hey there! Nice meeting you.” I said.

“C’mon, let’s go Chaske and James. My stomach’s protesting.” Ashley said.

“Chaske is my best friend, you know.” James told me.

“That sounds—“ I trailed off. I don’t what to say.

“What?” he pressed.

“Nothing” was my last response.

The whole lunch time, Chaske and Ashley sat at the table with the other people. I stayed quiet. James was at my right and a girl named Angie stayed at my left. I did not talk. I just watched them and wandered over my own thoughts.

I don’t why I feel so betrayed about Ashley and Chaske. As they would touch each other casually, I feel like I would want to slap the girl and make her go away. This feels so different. I’ve never been in love. But, to feel jealous about a couple in front of you? That feels strange to me. I don’t like Chaske. Not at all. I didn’t even have a chance to talk to him. But why?

Why? Why do I feel so jealous and betrayed whenever I see them together?

I really think I am crazy. So what if they are together? I am just new here and I don’t think it is good to be mad at anyone you are not close to.

The bell rang and I rose.

“James?” I asked.


“Would you mind if we go for a walk?” I asked politely.


His fast response really caught me off guard. I thought he’s going to go to his next class, but instead, he chose to walk with me.

The End

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