Getting To Know

What’s wrong with them? Oh. Maybe it’s just their style. A while ago the three of them were wearing shirts and shorts but now? I just really don’t know.

There is nothing wrong with their attires; it was just too good for them. They look like they are stars form famous chick-flicks. I noticed that I’ve been staring at them too long. It felt embarrassing, so I headed back towards my car and drove back going to our house.

I’ve lived here long enough to memorize the place. Originally, I came from Arizona which is a very hot place but I come here during summer because the heat in Arizona is too hot for me to take.

The dashboard clock told me that it was already 6:30 pm. I drove 80 m/hr because I know that Dad is really waiting for me. I should have gone earlier. When I arrived and parked in front of the house, I noticed that all the lights in the house were flicked on. Even the lights in the garden were turned on, as if he was waiting for my arrival.

I unloaded my carriers and started towards the house. When I entered the house, I noticed that the food in the dining was already prepared and I thought that there is no need for me to cook.

“Hey, dad! I’m here. Sorry if I was late. I just bought a few clothes and relaxed. I don’t think I need to cook.” My tone was apologizing.

He appeared going down the stairs.

“Sure. I understand. How was the University? Was it welcoming enough?” he laughed. “I asked the cashier to exempt you for being late in enrolling.”

“Yes. It seems to be that you are the most popular chief in town, dad. It’s great to have you.” I laughed. “Yes. It was welcoming enough but I don’t I would be welcomed on the 23rd of August.”

“Sports aren’t for you, huh?”


We ate dinner and talked about everything that happened back in Arizona and he told me more about our new neighbor.

“They went here because they wanted a new nature. They are a great family. Always having weekends together and they really have great kids. I’ve met them all and there are 4 boys and 2 girls.”

“Oh. They study in NYC University, too?”

“Yeah. They’re great.”

I did not push further more questions because I know this topic won’t do me any good.

As the days passed, I got ready for school and practiced myself living with my dad. I even toured myself in the city incase I would get lost or forget some directions. I expected that the week would decelerate but it did not cooperate with me. I prepared everything I needed and even prepared my inner being for the things that is going to happen in school.

As expected, August 23 arrived.

The End

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