As I get really close to the palm tree’s shadow, I tried to hide. 3 guys were talking in the terrace. One guy has reddish-brown hair and has a really good body. Then, the other two had the same shade of golden hair and had a better body than the other one.

The guy with the reddish-brown hair glanced at my way and as shocked as I was, I knelt down, enough for them not to see me and crawled back going to our house. As I reached our territory I stood up and realized that there is no wall that separates their house from ours. I really felt stupid for standing up.

The guy is still looking at me.

I can’t help but not to look away because the terrace was closer to our house than what I expected. I can hear their voices now and I can clearly see the face of the guy.

His features were really angelic. He had great pairs of blue scorching eyes and nice thin lips. His jaw was greatly proportional with the shape of his face. I feel the blood rushing through my face.

Bless my dad for saving and calling me. Now, I have the reason not to stare at him and instead stare at my dad.

“Chris! Go inside and change clothes. Let’s go to the supermarket. I need to restock our fridge. It’s low on food.” He was standing on the doorstep and he looks really ready.

But, I have no energy to go to the supermarket right now. Maybe, I can have a good break by going to the school I would be attending to. Summer’s down to a week and I have to pick up the books I will need for school.

“Can’t come, dad.” I really feel stupid for just standing here. I can still hear their voices but I feel no eyes on me and that was good. “Maybe, I can just go to NYC University and get a good look in the place and pick up my books.”

“Okay. It’s up to you. Take your time. I would be back by dinner time. Make sure you already cooked my food by the time I arrived.”

I am the one assigned for cooking the food every week ends. I have my disadvantages here.



“Your car is parked in the other lot. Maybe you can pick it up and use it. It might get rotten! Okay! Got to go now! Take Care!”

I forgot about that one. It’s really good my dad hasn’t sold my car yet. It would be really hard for me to walk from here to any place.

As he goes out of the house, I enter.

I am really bothered by the thought of having a new neighbor. And the bad thing is, I fell something different whenever I look at the reddish-brown hair guy. I should really stop thinking about him.

As I entered the house, it really looked nice. It was totally different.

The inside of the house is now white and the living room looked sophisticated because of the new installed plasma TV hanging on the wall. There was now a large white sofa with a side table holding the phone and a vase with a bunch of artificial flowers in it. The kitchen was repainted to white and the stove was a lot bigger and there was now a microwave oven. The only thing that did not change was the fridge. The fridge was still the black one with posts sticking around it. As I went up the stairs was also repainted to white and the second floor was a lot better. The corridor was now decorated with paintings and the doors of the 3 rooms were now brown and had enough space to separate them. The ladder leading to the attic did not change, though.

I entered the second door and found out that my room was repainted to white but the places of my things and my bed and closet did not change.

My bed was still the pink one with a wooden solid rectangle headboard. My bedside table still contained the family pictures that I took last summer here. My lamp was different. It was now big and can really light the whole room. My room faces the east and there are 2 windows. One window is in the west side of my room and the other is in the south. I have a closet which is just right in size.

I love my room so much.

It’s already 5 pm and I think I really need to get started so that I can go home really early.

I got my 3 bags and fixed them in my closet. I got my above-the-knee-skirt and my 3/4 white and black stripes polo and jacket. After I dressed up, I got my purse containing my week allowance and my phone.

As I headed down, I went to the counter and got my tuition fee and my school expenses envelope that my dad had given me. When I went out of the house, I noticed that my dad installed new path stones in our garden that heads down to the end of the grassy area near our mailbox.

When I glanced at our new neighbor’s house, I noticed that the reddish-brown haired boy was sitting alone and staring somewhere faraway.

I wonder what he’s thinking.

I stared at him for a long time and he glanced at me. I quickly looked away. There is something different about him, I wonder.

I started down the street and headed towards my car. I realized that the lights were changed. My car is a new model of Dodge. I really picked this kind of car because it suites my attitude. It’s black in color and has black leather seats.

As I started my car, I feel the eyes of the guy on me. It sent me goose bumps. I raced down the street and realized that I need my map. I reached for my purse and got my map. As I arrived at the school, I realized it was different. It has 4 buildings. All of them were bricked and is color red and the roofs were white. There is a huge parking lot and a small building with a sign of “CAFETERIA”.

I turned off the engine and got out of my car. I don’t think I am going to fit in here. The school is not really big but, as far as I know, I am not the City-type of girl. Maybe, they expect me to be blonde and look like the sweet-type of girl, but I am not.  

As I headed towards the main office, I realized that the school is mainly empty. I opened the door and inhaled the fresh scent. The walls were green and there is a long counter. 3 people were inside and one was in the first part of the counter, so I went to her and she instantly noticed me and she greeted me cheerfully.

“Hello. May I help you, dear?” her voice was polite.

“Hi. I just want to enroll for this upcoming school year and get my books. I know I am very late but I just get to arrive today.”

“Oh. I see. It’s okay, dear. I understand. What are your name, guardian’s name, and year to enroll in?”

“Christiana Marie Davis is my name and my dad’s name is Christian Davis. I’m in for Junior High.”

“Oh…Are you the daughter of the Town’s Chief Police?”

I now understand that the news had spread and they are waiting for my arrival. News in small towns is easily spread.

“Yes, I am.”

We talked about the payment and she gave me my books. While waiting for some of my details to be processed, I sat down in the couch placed near the door and browsed the school papers. I realized that it was cold here because of the aircon and wished that I brought my jacket.

While browsing the magazines, I noticed that my new neighbor was in the page. The guy had a picture wherein he was about to shoot the ball inside the net and everyone in the background was standing up. I felt the need to know more about this red-brown haired guy that’s why I broke the silence between the cashier and me.

“Uhm, Excuse me? Is this guy in the picture the MVP of the school?” I asked.

“Oh. He is dear. He’s new. But he really plays great. He got into the varsity 1 week after the main try-outs.”

“Oh.” Was all I could say.


“I prefer Chris, please.”

“Oh. Okay. You are in room 4 and this is your schedule.”

She handed me my daily schedule and I thanked her and headed out the building.

As I went back to my car, I thought about the guy.

I wished I asked his name. She said that he plays basketball. Oh. That’s new.

Why am I thinking like this? I shouldn’t think about him. I don’t even know him. Maybe I’m just curious. It’s just my instincts.

I rode my car and headed towards 5th avenue to restock my closet because I know that I am going to need various clothing’s that is appropriate for NYC. All my clothes are for sunny day weather, so I really need jackets and other types of clothes.

I parked in the sidewalk and walked around the street. I shopped for some clothes in Forever 21, GAP, Gucci, Coach and Nike. I needed sports attire because in the University, they are all in to sports which I am not going to fit in, too. It’s getting hotter so I planned to sit down in Dairy Queen first and bought a smoothie. While relaxing, I noticed familiar figures.

The two golden haired guys from my neighborhood were walking towards Sack’s.

What are they doing here? Where is their red haired brother?

The End

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