Wishing Star (Arrival)

Chris was new in town. Though, this wasn't her first time to live in NYC. She had just moved in with her dad. Then, surprisingly, when they arrived at their house, They had a new neighbor. Chris was fascinated by the new neighbor. But then, she asks her self about their profiles and where would this new neighbor lead her. Will she be in danger? or will she find an irrevocable love?

It was sunny when I arrived in the airport. The guards asked me about my baggage and I was like moaning because my throat was thick from sleeping. I went to collect my baggage and proceeded in the arrival area. I think I am very early. My dad hasn’t arrived yet.

I need to wait. It’s too long. I am not a very patient person. I went here to live a better life and to enjoy it. I may not enjoy it because I would live with my dad. But sooner, I would learn how to live with him.

As I recall my last conversation with my mom, I wanted to cry. Not here. I hated to leave her there with just his new husband. New. It’s getting hard to get used with that Idea. I remember her face as she pleads to me not to leave her. Her tears fall down and I can’t do anything to stop myself. I had set my mind. Thank her—for giving me money to pay for my plane expenses. She’s a blessing.

Someone had tapped my back. And there he was.

My dad.

He had grown really huge since the last time I saw him. Maybe he’s working out. I can’t blame him. He’s a chief in the town’s department. He’s quite tall and he has russet-like skin. His hair is had grown into a better one. That’s quite a good outlook. Maybe he’s really prepared for my arrival. But I really think he needs a good visit in the department store.

“Hey there, Chris! It’s good you have arrived safe. I was beginning to worry.” He said casually.

My dad is not really parental. He talks to me like he’s just my friend out there. That is the characteristic I really like best about him.

“Yeah. The plane really made me dizzy. All the attendants thought I was about to puke.” I laughed with him. “It’s nice seeing you. I really missed you, dad.” He, then, went near me and gave me a bear hug.

“It’s such a good thing you did not change. You’re still the best daughter I ever had.” His lips twitched. “Anyway, you are the only daughter I have. So that’s a good thing to say.”

I laughed. He’s so funny. I am very glad that I would have a good company in the coming days.

“C’mon. We need to get going. It might rain so hard. I can’t guarantee you that it’s going to be a short ride.” He encouraged.


By then, we both went to the car. His car is not so grand. It was just an old Dodge car model. Same as it is when I left. It’s still red in color and has black leather seats. It looked like he did not use the car for a long time and was scared to remove stuff. My old bag and stock of books was still there in the back seat. I always sit in front. I always feel dizzy that’s why I am not a really good driving companion.

“Are you hungry?” he broke the silence.

“No. The food in the plane was really heavy and I think I would pass dinner tonight.”

“It’s only four in the afternoon. Are you sure?”

“Yes. Don’t feed me like I’m a baby, dad. I’m a grown up now.”

He laughed.

The journey was not too long, though it seemed that the time dragged like the clock won’t move. It’s drizzling outside. I love the weather here in New York. Sometimes, it rains and sometimes, it’s hot. Just the right seasons for me.  

We live in a town not far from New York. As we arrived in the long street where we lived, I spot our house. It’s still white in color with a black roof. It has 2 floors and an attic. It seems so big from the outside but once you get inside, it’s just right. 3 rooms and a kitchen and a bathroom with living and dining room.

I spot something unusual in our street.

The empty lot we lived beside was now gone. There is a new house standing there. A big, big, white house with 3 floors and an attic. It has a garden like ours—but of course theirs is bigger—with a big palm tree and fine shaped flowers. I am really curious now.



“Is that house new?”

“No. That was there since last year. They’re a new moved-in family.”


“They moved beside our house because they say our street has the nicest view in town. They’re a really great family.”

“Who are they?”

“They’re the Masens. The couple really looks good together though I think they are really young. Guess what? They have 6 great kids. No they’re not kids, actually. They’re in the same age as you are.”

“Oh.” Was all I could say.

“Seems unusual, right? Don’t worry. You’ll get used to the idea that we have now new neighbors.”

We now arrived in front of the house. As I got down from my seat my dad unloaded my 3 bags and went inside the house.

I went closer to new house beside ours. I really got a good look.

The house is really, really huge and looks great. The garden has fences surrounding it with the height until my hips. I saw 3 figures in the terrace. I just noticed that there was this big table with seats and an umbrella. The figures were seated there and it was like they were shooting a movie instead of just sitting in front of their house.

I really feel like I am spying.

The End

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