Wishing for the Nightmare

  The woman woke up with a start.  Instead of comforting, the moonlight that streamed in from the single window seemed to bring out the very worst in every shadow and corner of the room.  She pushed her long dark hair out of her face and sat up, pulling her knees to her chest she began to cry softly.

  Her heart was pounding as she glanced beside her, hoping against all hope that life was merely a nightmare and finally, she had woken up.  Despite the improbability of it, her waking life was far more terrifiying than the nightmares.  Atleast, with a nightmare, there was the chance she could wake up.

  Slowly she stood up, wrapped the long silken robe around her slight frame, and walked to the window.  She could see the entire city.  Here and there small groups of people darted between shadows, she could report them for violating curfew, but lately, she didn't see the point.

  What was the point in being a law-abiding citizen if this is where it got her?

  She knew he didn't always follow the rules.  Nights spent with "the boys" were rarely spent engaged in mundane activities such as gambling or gaming.  Sometimes his night out would spill over to the next two or three nights.  But this... this was different.

  This time, she had the dream.

The End

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