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Something I wrote recently.

I'm slightly dyslexic so if there are errors please point them out ^^;

The skies were ablaze with the colors of autumn, the endless shades of oranges, yellows and red created a masterpiece, using the heavens as its canvas, which even the most creative of men couldn’t paint in their lifetime.

“It’s so pretty!” a young female’s voice called out in awe to the empty streets below.

“Yes, it’s very beautiful” a second woman commented in a more relaxed tone, as if she had just stepped into warm bathwater.

“I’m so glad you let me come with you Red” the younger girl giggled happily, taking the woman by the hand lovingly, enjoying the moment of peace for as long as she could.

Red smiled tenderly at the youthful girl as she ruffled her shoulder length hair before turning her gaze back to the setting sun. Her ruby red eyes seemed to pop out against her pale skin; the sun’s light seemed to dance in her eyes, creating the image of fire. Pulling her hand from the child’s hair she ran her feminine hand through her own midnight black locks that fell just short of her lower back, causing her blood red highlights to move side to side, causing the illusion of an endless sea.

“Dook” Red turned to her young side-kick “We have to go soon” she sighed, not wanting to leave this moment.

“Yeah, I know sister, I’m going to head back now before the patrol gets here” Dook muttered, equally sadden they had to go, “Be careful” she whispered softly before walking to the ladder that lead to the street level and disappearing into the shadows.

Red’s smile followed the sun path, hiding the light and letting the darkness flow free. Her lips were a darker shade of crimson than her eyes but were easily mistaken to be the same color. Her slender body offered her little protection against the bitter chill that slowly swallowed the area and her clothes did even less.

She wore a black leather jacket with a matching tank top underneath that was trimmed with blood red fabric which was also used on the design of a canine’s paw print over her chest. She wore a black mini-skirt that ended just above the knee with the jacket’s end just under that, her bare legs taking the full assault of the icy-winds. She turned on the heels of her leather boots, shiftily moving to the ladder her sister disappeared down not too long ago.

Torchlight flooded the area where the ladder ended, “Damn, they’re early” she muttered into the frosty night air, watching her own breath evaporate in front of her face with a warming sensation. She darted in between two dumpsters, using the shadows to cloak her from their lantern’s light. As they marched by her she got a good look at the platoon, a group of nine, seven armed with weapons that were primed to be fired at the drop of hat while the other two who carried the torches on either side.

“Something’s going on..’” she muttered under her breath, the soldiers aren’t normally that well armed she continued in her head, this means more bodies will litter the streets by the end of the night. She didn’t want to risk being a part of the pile so when the light of the lamp faded away she set off, sprinting down the street, taking the usual path home. It was only by the time she reach the park she knew something with seriously wrong.

The park normally had guards on the entrance so she’s had to vault the wall, not wanted to be caught by guard that could just be guarding she started running at the wall, using her momentum to take a few steps up the stone slab, jumping off and grabbing the ledge of a near-by statue and pulling herself up; for a slender girl she was quite strong. She readied herself for her last jump over the stone wall and into the park.

“You, stop!” commanded a male voice, causing her to lose her balance out of surprise and tumbled off of the statue, landing awkwardly on her ankle, “Get her!” the husky male’s voice growled angrily. She knew this was bad but she wasn’t worried until she put pressure on her ankle, a sudden sensation of pain to spread through her body. On a normal day she’d be able to elude them without much trouble but with her ankle hurt she might not be able to out-run them for long; never the less, she took off sprinting to the unguarded entrance to the park.

Diving into thicket of brush she still moved, trying to make as little noise as possible as she surveyed her options. She could stay in the brush but any light would make it easy for them to pick her off, climbing was out of the option; her ankle couldn’t take it.

That’s when it came to her “The maze!” she muttered to herself, he gaze locked on a large hedge maze in the center of the park. As a kid she memorized every twist and turn so she knew she’d be able to get away. A smirk spread across her face as she moved closer to the entrance, the soldiers now searching the bushes for her, she grabbed a rock and threw it with all her might at the direction she just came, both torches focused at where the rock landed, by the time they figured out it was a distraction and turned back around they only saw Red’s back disappear into the maze.

“After her!” the male voice demanded with a much harsher tone than before

“Yes commander!” the group of soldiers called out in unison


The End

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