Winter's Roads.Mature

                                                  -Chapter One-

I woke up to my name being called. I heard the conversations. Not that I wanted too.

"Wake up, please. Wake up!" I heard my mothers voice in panic. I tried several times to atempt to open my eyes. It was almost as if they were nailed shut. Everything in my body felt weak. I hurt. I knew I couldn't possibly be dead, because I can felt my heart beating like a drum.

My eyes finally opened. Everything was complety blurred. Which became more clear as the time passed.

"Melanie?" I saw my mom fighting two large men at the doorway. What had even happened? I stared around at my surroundings. I stared at my arm which had IV'S hooked into it.

A young looking woman witch short cut brown hair wearing a long white jacket had stepped into my room. Or what seem to be my room.

"Melanie, how do you feel?" She asked. How did I feel? To be brutally honest, like hell. I wanted to reply but all I had done was stared.

"Well?" The woman had said. Silence filled the room after that. No words had came out of my mouth.

The End

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