Deceiving ThoughtsMature

"Stop this! Stop all this at once!" 

I ceased defending the doorway where the princess and her oh-so-gallant knight had gone. The old wizard looked very angry, but I really couldn't blame him. I pretty much let his precious targets get away. Oh dear, how would that affect my pay? 

"What is the meaning of this?"

I smiled, knowing he was reading my mind at the moment. Well, I would tell him on my own terms. "You should be thanking me, old man," I said, holding up what I had been avoiding even thinking about, "Why, I just gave you an ace up the sleeve!" 

"That's.. Herezar's little trinket?" 

I nodded. That should be a bonus. "With this, our friends were able to bypass any of our defenses and steal the little princess from your hands." The old wizard still looked annoyed, as well as some of the guards. Maybe they all wanted to punish me, anyway? Well, that wouldn't do. I decided to play my trump card; the hair I managed to get from the knight. "I knew that other wizard would be reading my mind for anything suspicious when I protected them, so I had to keep thinking like a changed man, you see? I even managed to get some hair from that knight."

"I underestimated you," the old wizard said, crossing the room and grabbing up the trinket and hair I had snatched. Without pausing, he took out the lock of hair it contained and muttered a spell. I only caught bits and pieces, but even that was enough to disgust me. I really hated magic. 

"What did you do?" 

The old bastard ignored me, something I was getting used to, and turned to his guards. "Find them! The Princess has been put to sleep, so they should be moving slow!" The guards saluted and left in a hurry. "You did good to take this from Herezar, 'John.'" 

I smiled. "Just remember that when I get paid," I said, "Now, what can you do with that knight's hair? I was thinking locating him and making him sleep, too." Though I hated relying on magic, that damn knight was pretty good. I didn't know if I could beat him in a fair fight. Maybe in a forested area or someplace with obstacles to use, but... 

"I can keep track of his destination, but that is all."

"Why only his destination?"

The old wizard scowled at me. "I don't know this persons history, unlike the princess, so I don't have any true connection. I can only read where he will go based on his will. If you don't want a pay cut, then stop pestering me!" And then he walked off like a pompous noble. The other wizard, Julias, was far better for talking. 

Now what could I do? Sure, I could help the knights with their search for that princess, but that was a waste of time. The wizard and knight were resourceful and they would get away, even with my delay of using the barrels... Wait... I hope they didn't break too many before checking that cask! That was for the wine!

"Oh well..."

"Such a sly young boy."

I laughed as I turned to greet Julias, the better of the two old wizards. I say better, not good. "And to what do I owe the great honor, undead?"

Julias smiled, showing his teeth. The sight made me miss the other world and it's dental health supplies. "I was wondering if you wanted some help in fighting that 'hero.'"

Well, that meant using magic on me. Hell no. "I don't use magic, old man," I told the wizard, "and I will beat that guy. There are more weapons at my disposal than I have shown." Of course, I couldn't even think about it, lest this old guy read my mind. 

"I see you've learned to partition your mind," he said, "But that is only useful to wizards." Julias gave me another disgusting smile and walked toward where the other wizard had gone. "We will deal with Herezar in due time. As for you knight pal, I predict he will be trying to obtain something very dangerous soon, so why not get it first?"

Now I was just confused. "What is it that is so dangerous?"

The old man turned to look at me. "It is a trinket called the Eversphere that's located in the northern mountain ruins."


"It blocks all magic within 20 hands of the trinket." Oh.. Well, that explains why they found it dangerous. "I want you to get it and throw it in the ocean near this castle. The currents their should dispose of it... Along with any other thing you want to dispose of."

I smiled. "Well, usually I don't accept side-jobs without completing my first job, but I accept." I could take care of that knight along the way and get rid of him in the currents, too. He was really starting to piss me off. There was no manipulating him and he pretty much would never trust me no matter what could try. I just knew it.

"I'll let Genar know you're objective. Good luck..."

That last line sounded suspicious, but I paid it no mind. Instead, I rushed to get together some knives and foodstuffs for the road. I would need to travel to those ruins, so I didn't know what to expect. Not even the wizards knew their origins, but they had used them to hid objects of power. I had never thought something like the Eversphere would be there though...


Hours later I was on the road, smiling violently. I could think! Finally! No more wizards probing my head like they usually did! I knew for a fact that those two old men were too focused on the princess to worry about my thoughts, so I could make plans. 

OK, so first there was the Eversphere. With that, I could take out those two old men, then sell it to the Winteroaks King for a large sum of money. After all, the main wizard, whom I now knew to be Genar, could revive the dead. Why not himself? Great selling point.

Next, I could stop lying to everyone about having a mother I needed to protect. It was silly, but it got amazing results. Even the old wizards trusted me on that one and often threatened my pay just because they thought I would be obedient. And with the money I would get from Winteroaks, I would be set for life!

And lastly, I could get away from that stupid princess and her knight. I mean, how bad was it that she fawned all over him and he just shunned her advances out of a sense of honor? Was she so stupid that she couldn't see it wouldn't work? I mean, if it was me...

I stopped walking. 

"The hell am I thinking?" I said to no one. Of course, no one answered. "Am I really falling for that girl? Sure, she's like me in ways, but..." And I realized it was true. I was actually falling for her. She was pretty, deceitful, strong-willed, and not afraid to make unpopular decisions for her own wants. Everything I loved in myself, just in someone else. Dammit!

"I better get moving..."

The End

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