Searching BarrelsMature

The halls of the ruin castle went by in a flash, I had the princess by the hand and was not going to let go for anything. This castle was built as a mirror to the old Winterhold palace, we could follow the East Wing for some two hundred paces, which would open to a southbound hallway, which would lead us to the south gate.

Sparing no second thought for the assassin behind us I took our turn. I had too many things running through my mind, so much to say to the princess, but nothing I could. At least not here.

The hallway opened up and broke away into a tall antechamber, a rotten wooden door the only barrier between us and the portcullis. One kick shattered the door into splinters. I paused, before drawing my blade and stepping into the gloom cautiously. 

Slowly, my eyes adjusted, and mountainous piles were revealed.

Barrels upon barrels upon barrels. 

No time for being careful, no time to search them all.

I hacked at the nearest pile of barrels, shattering three with a single swing. My arm went up for another, but was stopped by a soft cough from the Princess. She was standing over by the doorway, a small cask open in her arms and a key on her finger.

"John said Barrels." I complained to her smug smile.

She said nothing but stepped to the door, slipping the key in with a smooth clunck. She turned the key once, twice, and on the third turn the door fell open.

...and Eve fell with it. Face down into the snow, not moving.

The End

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