Well Then....Mature

"Useless fool!"

I awoke to a foot kicking me in the side. The old wizard was a grim site to wake up to, but at least he wasn't using his magic to inflict pain. Fire hurt a lot worse than a weak geezers foot. I stood and shook my head a little. That guy had a punch on him. I hadn't expected him to attack. He seemed reasonable enough.

"I never fail," I told the wizard when I had finally stood, "I just sometimes experience set-backs." The wizard just huffed and muttered something under his breath. I would have caught it and retorted, had I not already been running through the door and following a trail of fallen guards. Such a pain... Why did that princess have to be rescued by someone so good? I could beat him, surely, but it would be a nuisance and it would mean relying on my 'skills.' 

It took nearly ten minutes or so to find them. I stood high above the place the wizard and armored fellow fought on a beam placed for support. The princess was unaware. All I had to do was jump down, knock out the wizard and knight, then take the princess. Easy enough. Yet.... 

I was hesitating. It was no secret that the princess was wanted in some evil scheme now. But, hadn't I done worse in the past? Somehow this was different. The princess looked up at me then. Somehow, she had found my placement. She could warn the others, tell them what she saw and make that wizard throw some spells at me! But... she didn't. 

Anger came into my persona then. Did she pity me? Well, I suppose I would have to teach her. I jumped from the balcony and landed on a guard. He fell in a head and a few other guards looked at me in surprise. 


I turned in time to roll out of the way of the knight's sword. He growled and swung again, but I managed to make some distance before it could connect. 

"Calm down, fellow," I said as the man blocked a guard's attack and shoved him backward, "I am just here to do as I want." With that, I kicked a guard in the face and punched the last two  in their faces. So easy to defeat. 

A sword point pushed against my back. "Name your game, cretin!"

I laughed. Close range combat was a specialty, but with a guy this skilled, things could get difficult. Well, I suppose he should know. I twisted, catching the sword in my arm and shoving it to the side, then placed my body just in front of the knight's, my mouth to his ear. 

"Follow the southern path to the gate. It's locked but the key is hidden in a barrel." I shoved the knight away and took one last glimpse at then princess. "See you guys!" 


"That's not my name. Now go!"

A shuffling of feat told me they had started the final stretch of the escape. Why was I helping them, anyway? The answer still eluded me, but I didn't care. I didn't have time to care. Nearly a dozen or so guards with slightly different uniforms came pouring into the large room. 

"Well then," I said, "Let's all be nice to each other."

The End

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