Behind Enemy Lines... Naked.Mature

"Ok now, huddle in close everyone!" Herezar motioned excitedly. His beard... and others... jumping and swinging around with his exaggerated motioning and jumping.

Swallowing my pride and wrapping my arms around Eves shoulders I stepped back in close to the old, pint-sized wizard. He stepped in even closer and wrapped his arms around our waists. I made sure to ignore any and all contact below the waist- it was improper. 

"Now, hold onto your heads kiddies." The old man said, closing his eyes a briefly beginning his chant. I squinted my eyes closed to and waited. Herezar finished his chant, then jumped backwards. I opened my eyes as he spun around.

"Now! Where were we-" The old wizard's sentence died in his mouth. We hadn't moved.

"Your magic won't work here, Wizard."

"John!" Eve exclaimed.

"You." I growled.

The man stepped out of the shadowy corner of the room, dressed in a dark leather wielding a very, very pointy dagger. He stepped forward again, and lowered his dagger. It was clear he was going to speak, and the last time he spoke, it hadn't ended well for me. So I didn't let him speak. 

His dagger lowered, guard down. I lunged forward knocking his knife hand back as far as possible, and delivering a solid, knock-out punch to his jaw. He was thrown backwards into the wall, where he crumpled down and stayed, motionless in a heap.

"And I didn't lose." I spat at his motionless figure.

Immediately outside I found the walls lined with suits of armor. The one immediately across from me as a leather, padded with wool. Suspended above it was a sword and shield. Jackpot!

Grabbing it all, and throwing it back into the room, I found Herezar already in one of Eve's dresses. It was much to long for him and she was already working with a dagger, trying to cut it down to size.

I dressed quickly, and quietly we slipped out into the corridor, leaving 'John' in a crumpled heap at the base of the wall.

The End

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