Help is on the wayMature

I followed the small, dwarf-like servant up the winding stairs of the far left turret of the castle. It was damp and nothing like Winteroaks' castle. There were no windows, no sunlight bursting through the castle. It was depressing. "We are here. Go." The dwarf shoved me in and slammed the door behind me. I could hear the bolt clanking shut. 
The room was pretty empty, apart from the moldy mattress and a small chest of drawers. I slumped to the floor and burst into tears. What had I done? I left Keth for this? He was going to join us, go against everything he believed in. I wish I could turn back time. I wish I could talk to someone, anyone, who would be able to help.
"Princess Eve!" a small voice whispered. I looked around, hoping to see someone. But there was nothing, so I resumed my sobbing.
"PRINCESS EVE!" I had not imagined this. 
"Who is it?" I said tentatively. 
"Herezar. Look at your medallion." I picked up the heavy piece of solid silver hanging from my neck. The coloured swirls had brightened and it felt warm in my palm.
"You're in the medallion?!"
"No. I can contact you through this. Tell me, where are you exactly?"
"In the far left turret. But why does that matter? I'm stuck here."
"Just wait." I sighed heavily and dropped the medallion, feeling it thump against my chest.

Minutes later, the dust in the room began to swirl around. There was a loud snap and there stood Herezar and Keth, naked. Keth, I didn't mind. But a small, old, naked wizard wasn't to my taste. 
"Time to go home, eve." Keth said, boldly.

The End

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