Mission Complete?Mature

The wizard had been waiting at the door. Had he seen us coming? Well, it was alright. I had finally finished my mission. I could get my money. The only thing that really bothered me was the princess. The look of utter betrayal she portrayed when Juliaz appeared was enough to make me die a little inside. Why should I care? I hadn't been wrong. Here she would be treated like a princess and in her own kingdom she would too, only here they would not demand anything of her.

"Please, Princess," I said as nicely as I could once a serving boy appeared, "Follow the serving boy to your quarters. I will be up shortly to see that you are comfortable." Why did I say that? "I have some matters to attend to first." 

The princess glared at me, but complied, sending my heart sinking further. I wondered why, but only for a moment, for once she had gone, Juliaz was all mine. 

"My money?" I asked the wizard. 

He looked irritated. "Not yet, boy, you aren't done yet." 

"WHAT?" I yelled. The mission had been simple, get the princess back to this castle! What could he want now?

"I had a change of plans," He said strolling inside the castle of Cigam. I reluctantly followed and jumped a little when the gate closed behind me. So much for a quick escape. "We need you to watch over the princess and make sure she does not escape and she stays happy. We also need you to get some of her hair."

I laughed. "What do you need her hair for?"

"Let's just say it's so I can give you some gold." I shut up. It was money after all. I needed it. "And also watch out for that knight. I have a feeling he is not going to give up." Juliaz smiled. "If you kill him, I will give you a bonus."

I sighed. I didn't want to kill anyone unless it was absolutely needed. "I understand, wizard." 

"Good," he said back, "Now prepare the princess for dinner. We must make our guest welcome to our home."

I sighed, but nodded. This was becoming a nuisance. The girl already hated me and for some reason that bothered me. If she hated me anymore, I might just quit. Well... there was no quitting this job. I had known that the moment I started. It wasn't because of who the client was. No.

It was because that money would save my mother.

The End

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