'What the hell did you just do?!' I had just loosened John's grip on my wrist and stepped back.
'Princess, he was dragging you down. We do not need his sort. Now please let us go on' He smiled and began to walk away.
'HEY! You can't just expect me to follow you like a sheep. Thats the reason why I didn't want to be with Keth...' Keth. My mind whispered his name, bringing guilt along with it. 'Take me back. Now!'
'I'm afraid I can't do that. You see, I'm under strict instructions to take you to see someone.' 
'What? Who? And since when did you work for anyone?'
'I've been watching you from afar for a while Eve. I saw you and Keth being intimate and, as you know, I approached you after. I've always been working for someone. Now hurry. He does not like to be kept waiting. 

I had no choice but to follow him, where was I supposed to go? We walked for what seemed like hours until we saw a large, battered castle that looked like it had been through a war. 'Wh-What is that? What happened?'
'That is the Castle of Cigam, it belonged to four rulers who, eventually, went their separate ways. None of that matters now. Please hurry.' I could feel my blood start to boil, he was treating me worse than Keth did when we first met. However, John was strangely handsome and had a sexy bad boy attitude. He was polite, yes, but the way he spoke made my heart skip a beat. With a mixture of anger and lust, I followed him into the castle, not expecting what I was about to see.

'Ah. Eve. We meet again.' said Juliaz with a large smirk painted across his face.

The End

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