The wretch of a man grinned wickedly at Eve's response. 

"Princess, this is not a good idea. We need to get back to Winteroaks. Herezar will know what to do. You will-"

"No, Keth." she interrupted, her voice soft. "I don't want to."

"But Princess, we- you- I-" I couldn't form the words properly, how could she? this didn't make any sense.

"I believe the princess has made her choice, sir knight." the intruder spoke up.

"You stay silent! What's your name anyway?" I scowled at him, but before he could answer I spun to face Eve, "Do you even know anything about him Princess?"

"I didn't know anything about you, Keth, and yet here we are!" she laughed sadly, speaking over the new mans response of 'John Smith'.

I reached out, taking her hand in mine firmly. "Princess, we've only just found you. Don't leave, please."

Eve paused for a second, her hand in mine, and I almost let out a sigh of relief.

"Goodbye Keth."

I looked from the Princess over to the new man, then back to her. 

Her hand began to slip out from mine, I couldn't hold her back without her will. She stepped slowly away from me over to him.

As her hand slipped into his, I stepped forward. I couldn't leave her. I reached out my hand. 

"Let me come with you."

She smiled sadly and shook her head. "No Keth, You had a life before all of this. Go back to it." A crack tore open the air around us, and a flash of arcane light blasted past. They were gone.

Stunned, I pulled my hand back to my body. 

"Princess?" I called out weakly.


"Princess!" I yelled at the sky.

Nothing but birds flying from their perch in the nearby tree.

I fell back to the ground. This couldn't be happening. Eve couldn't have gone without me. I buried my head into my hands in shame. The strange clothes of the new world itched and irritated my skin, I clawed at them vainly.

"Eve?" I asked, whispering to the sky.

Still nothing.

There was no way I could track a Teleport. Not by myself. I needed to get back to Winteroaks. I stood, casting a vain attempt at dignity.

The search for the Lost Princess was on again.

The End

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