The ChoiceMature

The field came up in minutes. Training to weave through obstacles was turning out to be way more useful in this world rather than my homeworld. Pity I would not be able to stay and enjoy the rooftops of the villages. 

I hopped the fence of the field and strategically wove to where I saw two lonely figures. The spoiled princess and her knight, no doubt. Maybe he could convince her to leave in front of him? Would he fight against the princesses wishes? If he did it would be a problem, but I hoped he would simply follow her. Why, then the wizard might throw in a bonus. I chuckled. It was a delightful thought.

'Maybe a true one as well...' I thought as I approached the two figures. As luck would have it, they did not notice me. Well, not at first anyway. The knight - Keth in name - turned and almost instantly pulled the princess behind him. Protective like a true knight. Too bad he would be used like one as well.

"Hello, princess," I said taking a bow, "And hello sir knight." 

"It's you!" the princess said. Whether that was a good greeting or a bad one, I had no idea.

"Who is this, princess?" the knight asked. I wanted to laugh. She didn't trust him all the way then?

She ignored the knight, though. "I thought you said you wouldn't come unless Keth was away or asleep? Are you not a man of your word?" Testing me, huh?

I bowed even more deeply, ignoring the knight's glare. It was obvious her statement had made him angry and suspicious instead of protective. Almost like a mate. It was a laughable thought. 

"I apologize, truly, princess," I said as sweet as possible, "I just knew you were planning to leave and didn't want to miss seeing you before you went. I feel horrible for breaking my word, I truly do, but I must try and warn you."

"Warn me?" She asked with curiosity in her eyes. Perfect. 


"Don't listen to him, Eve!" the knight yelled stepping forward to meet me. He was threatening me. Maybe even challenging me. Who was to know? I didn't dare take the challenge though. Without my knives, I wasn't a match for the knight. 

"I'm sorry, sir knight, but may I at least finish my statement?" I asked kindly. 

"Keth, let him talk," the princess said with a sigh. The knight looked annoyed but said nothing further. Of course. How much harm could words bring?

"As I was saying," I said, "I would like if you instead came with me." Keth scowled at the words. But I was not done yet. I still had to make her WANT to come. "I am sure you would find princess life very fun at first.... Until the pressure of the nation presses down on you." 

"What do you mean?" She asked. Perfect.

"I mean that once you get comfortable, you will have to start doing your job as princess. The responsibility is a dangerous one and with the wizards on the move once more, who knows what kind of assassins will come." I stopped talking long enough to shrug. "I mean, your knight here lost to one wizard. How could he face two?"

She looked nervous, but the knight put a reasuring hand on her shoulder. Sickening. People should be strong on their own account or die. Oh well, I dared not say anything lest I ruin the plants of doubt finally sprouting in the princess. 

"Shut up," the knight said with disgust, "We have knights to protect and a wizard of our own. We will defend her!"

I laughed. Fool man. Even I did not dare to push the wizards too much. "Well, i leave the choice up to you, dear princess. Choose who to go with. I will take you to a safe place where no one will hurt or pressure you." Technically it was not a lie.

Now it was up to the princess... Who would she pick?

The End

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