Problems at the CastleMature


The harsh winter winds came crashing into the damaged castle, causing the tattered ribbons to billow in the breeze. Leaves scattered around the castle floor began to dance with the wind. Their path followed the ripped red, velvet carpet up to the broken thrones, in which there sat a frail man in a mound of clothes. His face was grey and his hair was thinning. He had a scar that stretched from his forehead to his chin, whatever had caused it had caused him to loose his nose.

'Juliaz! Come here at once.' His skin had become wrinkled and began to turn a pale white. He had been in hiding for too long and it was time for him to make a reappearance. 
'Genar! You're awake!'
'Don't be ridiculous. I've always been awake. Listening to your plotting against this princess. Laughing at your failures to capture her and that retched solider Keth. You must bring me my strength back so I can triumph and claim Winteroaks as rightfully mine. I brought you back from the dead, this is nothing compared to that. Do as I ask, or suffer the consequences.' He had began to stand, holding Juliaz' arm for balance. He was weak, he tried to stand but he fell and landed with a grunt in the mound of clothes. 

Juliaz left him a few seconds later. He turned back away from the castle doors and looked into his wizards staff. It was carved out of mahogany, so it stood tall and strong, but at the top there sat a beautiful, transparent crystal ball. Inside there were clouds of white smoke swirling around an image of Keth and Eve. He sniggered. 'You will soon be mine, princess. Soon, we shall overrule the kingdom and enslave all man-kind. You will discover your powers soon enough.' He picked up the strands of hair that Juliaz had stolen from Eve. The golden locks of hair turned black as he held them. 'WHAT? What is this?! JULIAZ!' Juliaz return within seconds. 
'What is it sir?'
'What have you done to these hairs?!'
'N-nothing. I cut them from her head and returned. Then gave them to you immediately, as you asked, sire.'
'Leave. Get me as much of that wenches hair as possible. It is the key to capturing her. Send that assassin. Do not inform him to kill her. That will not be necessary.' He turned back towards his staff and grinned widely. 'Soon, my sweet.'

The End

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