In a rushMature

"Keth, why do we need to get back to Winteroaks? I don't particularly want to bump into that Genar guy again."
"That wasn't Genar. That was Juliaz. I've met Genar and he is weak and unable to perform much magic these days. I need to consult Herezar before we venture elsewhere. This is very important Eve. Please, trust me." I took his hand with a sigh and we left. 

After about half an hour, we had arrived in a large, enclosed field with around about seven cows, mooing and munching loudly on grass. "Err. Keth? What are we doing here?"
"We need a safe entrance to go back. Here put this on." He threw over a medallion. 
"What is it?" It was made of solid silver, it was slightly rusting and had a large W dented into it. There were swirls and pretty patterns in different colours on both sides and it shone in the sunlight. "Its one of the medallions of Winteroaks. I have one, the queen, the king, Herezar and a few villagers who are secretly spies."
"You have spies in the village!?"
"Only for safety precautions, like police, but much more calming and relaxed. Anyway, the protect us from dark magic and with them all combined in one, they are able to create a safety-sphere over the kingdom." I didn't take my eyes off of the medallion, as I caressed it in my hands, my hair began to grow in reams and reams from where Juliaz had cut it. "Er.. Keth, whats happening with my hair?" I said trembling.
"Its repairing the dark magic. That's what it does. Now hurry, we need to go."

The End

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