Directions from a WizardMature

Hmmm. Interesting. This Keith had managed to move the princess somehow. 

I stood from my perch atop a house and stared at the darkened windows of the princesses house in this world. Had she left for Winteroak, then? How did they plan to get there anyway? I wondered on this, but let myself move as I did so. I needed to find her, and there was only one way I was going to do that.

I needed to call him.

After nearly half an hour, I finally made it to the place I called home. It was only a small apartment the wizard had bought, but it was very convenient. I quickly dropped down onto the deck and unlocked the door. Once inside, I grabbed a water to cool off and headed for the bedroom. Time to call up the old man.

In the bedroom, instead of a bed and dresser, like it had contained just days ago, was a large circle of intricate design. I carefully made my way to it's center and took my seat. This circle gave me creeps every time I used it, but it wasn't like I had a choice. 

"Wizard!" I called, "Come to me!"

With that, the room lit up. Smoke rose from the ground, wind blew at the curtains, and a strange humming sound came to life. After a few moments of this, my heart was ready to burst. I hated magic. Every bit of it.

But I also loved money.

The wizard appeared before me. "What do you need, 'John'," the old wizard said with a grin.

I sighed. "The princess has gone off my radar. I need you to tell me her location."

He nodded and closed his eyes. In just a few moments they were back open. "They are in a field just a mile to the east," he said, "Honestly, why am I even paying you?" With that he left, leaving me annoyed. Not even able to retort. Bastard.

I left the house, grabbing a small bite to eat and something to drink, then started running to where the princess was. No doubt they were taking a nap or something. I could talk with the princess when that damn knight fell asleep. If they both fell asleep... well, then I would just take her. 

The End

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