After heating the kettle and grabbing two scarlet mugs, I made me and Keth two steaming cups of coffee. Knowing it might have a bitter taste, I added two sugars to both, then placed it in front of him. He went to pick it up and screeched in pain as his hand came in contact with the mug. "Oh, sorry. Yeah the drink is hot. You might want to leave it for a minute." I said with a slight smile. He dug back into his cereal, eyeing the mug ever now and then. When he'd finished, he went to pick up the mug again and succeeded. He took a small sip and pulled his lips away. "Its good! But its still a little bitter in taste."
"Here, let me fix that." I grabbed the sugar bowl, added two more scoops, stirred it and gave it back. 
"Much better. Now, what are we going to do about getting you home?" I hadn't thought about that. I was enjoying being at 'home' with Keth so much, that it had escaped my mind.
"I'm not sure. I did some research on Winteroaks though. It seems that it is a real place, seeing as it comes up on Google." 
"Google? Whats that?" 
"Never mind." I couldn't help giggling. Being more intelligent that Keth was more exhilarating that I thought.

After I'd cleaned up our mess, I took Keth to the computer and told him all about the information I found on the four wizards. "There were four? I know we have the kings royal magician, could he be one of them?"
"What is his name?"
"Herezar." I scrolled through the text and found the four names. "Here it is. 

Herezar, Genar, Juliaz and Trizal were banished from the earth realm and were sentenced to an exile, where Trizal and Herezar started the new kingdom Winteroaks. Juliaz is said to have died after attempting to return to earth, but Genar was a powerful wizard, able of restoring lives. It is possible he may have brought Juliaz back to life, however this is unknown. 

"I had no idea Herezar was banished. I wonder what happened. I must find him and ask. Eve," He turned to me and grabbed my shoulders. " We need to get back to Winteroaks. Please, grab anything you need or want, then we must go. It is important that we leave immediately."

The End

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