The Morning of a New World.Mature

The putrid taste hadn't left my mouth, the spinning in my head and the stinging behind my eyes reminded me of the few times I had drunk too much wine at an official function, times all the numbers in the world.

As she changed, I caught glimpses of her in the various mirrors and glasses scattered throughout the room, knowing it was wrong, I took special precautions not to be caught- but for some reason I couldn't pick, I was suddenly more comfortable around her. It seemed easier to talk with her, to be friendly and casual.

As she led me downstairs, I began to appreciate the wealth of the homestead- it was nothing in comparison to Winteroaks castle, but it was impressive for a citizens home, I figured her fake parents must have been successful tradespeople. 

In the kitchen she retrieved a box from the cupboard, brightly colored and labeled with bold white letters. She then placed two bowls, from yet another cupboard, onto the preparation bench, whereupon she poured the contents of the bright box into the bowl. Returning the box to it's place, she then opened a third cupboard (This one was made of a reflective metallic substance, with a pure white inlining.) and grabbed a plastic container filled with some strange looking white liquid.

While she was running to and fro between the various cupboards, I had taken to inspecting the contents of the bright box. They were as brightly colored as the box itself, resembling small circles, with the centers removed, and coated with a white dust.

As I was staring at the bowls, she dropped the carton of white liquid down onto the bench, and quickly removed the cap, tossing it aside. She then went and poured the strange liquid over the brightly colored loops, then, leaving the carton on the bench, she bluntly shoved a plain metal spoon into the floating mix of soaking loops- and the shoved the bowl towards me.

I looked down at the bowl, nervously, before hesitatingly picking up my spoon, and lifting a single loop to my lips. The sensation was beyond belief, the still crunchy, and dry in the center loop, exploded in my mouth, all smoothened and aided by the cool white drink.

No more hesitation in my mind- I piled the loops into my mouth as fast as grace would allow, savoring every spoonful. Finishing my meal, I looked up at Eve.

"They're called Fruitloops." she said, amusement writ all over her face.

"And this white drink, what is it called?"

"Milk, it's called milk." She smiled. "And before I tell you before it comes from, let me get you a coffee."

I smiled, and nodded eagerly, if this coffee was half as good as the fruitloops and milk, I would be more than satisfied.

The End

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