After returning from my second cigarette of the night and a conversation with a handsome stranger, the same one who had been following me and been outside my house, I decided to sleep in my own bed. Keth stirred as I pulled one of the pillows out from under him, but it didn’t matter if he woke up, it was at least 5:00 in the morning, so he’d just fall back asleep.

At about 7:30 I woke up and Keth was still knocked out on the floor. I huffed in annoyance and walked into my ensuite bathroom, no matter if they weren’t my real parents; they still treated me as such. Maybe Keth and the King and Queen were people just taking the mick.

As I was already naked, I walked into the shower and flicked the switch, a gush of scorching hot water burst from the shower head, I soaked in the scorching heat for at least ten minutes before Keth woke. I heard him stumble into the bathroom and a loud retching noise. 
"Keth? Are you okay?"
"Not really, what did I do last night?" I decided I'd keep that to myself. Just like the conversation with the stranger. Some things needed to be kept secret, especially from Keth.
"Nothing, you must have had a bad reaction to the whiskey, no matter. I won't give it to you any more." I smirked and continued to shower myself until I was no longer pale-skinned, but a red-like alien. Just the way we girls like it.

I stepped out and grabbed a towel, Keth had left the bathroom and was now searching for his clothes. I covered myself and walked into my bedroom, grabbed some clothes and began dressing. Keth looked away and dressed himself. There was no point, I'd already seen what I wanted.

The End

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