Talking with the Princess.Mature

I sat on the top of a nearby house, watching the scene of intimacy. It was funny, here I was thinking how innocent this little girl must have been, yet she had tricked that fool of a knight - and a prince! - into such a thing. She was... well, just like me. Deceitful and manipulative in order to get what she wanted. 

After a while it ended, leaving the knight out cold, either due to the alcohol or the activities, and the princess walking to grab something. A few minutes later she appeared with some form of pipe in her hands. She smoked as well? Well then, this was all interesting. The more and more dirt I can find on this girl and the more I have to use against her.

After a while, I decided it was safe to go give the happy couple a visit without having to face the knight. I knew he was good, but I wasn't sure how good, so I wanted to make sure he was good and well asleep. No need to fight tonight.

Dropping to a balcony, I landed silently. One thing I prided myself was my stealth. No matter how many times I went on a mission or went to see someone, they never saw me coming. Well, except the wizard. He had magic though, so it wasn't fair.

It didn't take long for me to get to the roof above the princess. She sat slightly on the window, staring out and puffing on her smoke. How odd. To think the first real conversation he would have with her would be after she just had sex and was smoking. Funny, almost.

"So princess, feeling good?"

She jumped and looked around. "Who's there?"

I could have laughed. "Look up, little girl."

She did and saw me sitting a few feet out of reach on the roof. Of course, all she saw was my feet and head. "What do you want?"

I laughed silently. "Just to talk, little princess."

She seemed surprised. "Who are you?"

Straight to the punchline, huh? "Well, let's say I am a friend. I can help you, and you can help me." I smiled down at her. "How about it, want to be my friend?"

She seemed confused, but stubborn. "How can I help you, huh? I already have a man if that's what you're thinking." 

"Oh no!" I raised my hands in defense, "I just want you to come with me for a bit. How about it? All he wants is for you to go and rule that kingdom, where you know you don't belong." 

The princess turned red with anger. "And why don't I belong there? My parents are there, I can be with Keth there, and I can be free from that stupid girl!" So, his name was Keth? Was he the prince from that kingdom? Curious.

"Well, think about it. Why would a girl who has already lost her pureness this night, or probably before this night, be accepted as a princess? Not to mention doing something as unhealthy as smoking. You will be rejected by the ones you love." I waited for it to sink in.

"But, I..."

"Look," I said, interrupting her, "How about you think about it and I'll be around. Each night, when he is asleep or away, I will come and talk to you. I won't do anything to harm you two, but if he is awake and near, then I will not come." 

With that I stood and ran along the roof. Now all I had to do is continue planting my seeds. Eventually, whether she chose it or not, I would have my target.

The End

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