Intimate MomentsMature

I stared at his chest, I knew my eyes kept drifting downwards, but I somehow held myself together. 
"Eve. Please, I cannot stand here naked. Can I at least have your dressing gown? It may be small but I can hide myself." I really didn't want to give it to him, but I gave in. "Thank you." He smiled as he slid it on, in doing so I caught a glimpse of his crotch and I felt my body shudder.

"Eve, what is it? Are you cold?" I thought I'd take the opportunity.
"Yes, extremely. Would you keep me warm in my bed? I won't do anything you don't want me to. I promise." I pulled a sexy smirk and bit my lip as I looked him up and down.

"Of course princess, but I must stay true to my word I gave to the king. He gave me his blessing."
"He gave you his blessing for what exactly?"

“Well it is customary for a prince to marry a princess, is it not?"
"I think so. But you're not a prince." I felt my heart drop. I could never be with him. (If this was real).
"Well, actually..."
"You are!?"
"My mother and father were the king and queen of another distant kingdom. But it was overrun by the wizard who attacked you. He is the only wizard in existence and he wishes to control your kingdom. That is why I am your knight. I am here to protect you, but also to avenge my parents." I was struck back by the confident speech he performed. I pulled him onto the bed, which was difficult, but I succeeded. 
"Eve. You must know. I do have strong feelings for you. It is only because of my position as a knight that I cannot act upon it."
"Please Keth. I've fallen for you since the moment you saved me from Suzie. Let me love you."
"Eve. I cannot. There are rules against these thin...." I pressed my finger to his lips.
"Rules are just guidelines. They are made to be broken." I pushed myself forward and pressed my lips on his; he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back. We stared at each other for a few seconds and he pulled me back and we resumed kissing. 

It was everything I hoped it would be, but it was as if Keth wasn't himself. He was kissing me ferociously and digging his nails into me, but I liked it. He stopped again and looked at me. "Eve, I must tell you. I do want this to go further, but I simply cannot allow it. You must understand it will risk the relationship we may be able to have in the future. I'm sorry, but this must stop." He stood up, pulled the fluffy blanket from the edge of my bed and made his bed on the floor.

I was so distraught. My mind was raging and I could not control myself. I walked out of the room and walked down to the kitchen. I pulled out the biggest alcoholic drink I could find (whiskey) and went back upstairs.
“Keth? I wanted to apologise. Here, have this. It will make you feel better and help you get to sleep.” He was groggy, but he sat up and took a swig from the bottle.
“This is putrid! What is it?!”
“Its called whiskey. It makes you sleep better. It’s like a potion. Take some more” He took a few more swigs and it only took him that many for him to lose his mind and become completely drunk.

“Y-y’know. I’ve always thought those r-rules were stupid.” He slurred his words with hiccups. It had done the trick. I turned my back on him and began to strip down.

“I never realised you were so beautiful. Turn around sweetheart. Let me see you.” His words became confident again, like the alcohol had left his voice, but still had the effect on his mind. I turned around, now only in my lace underwear. “What is it you want Keth. I know you don’t want to sleep with me.”
“Oh but I do.”
“You – You do?” I didn’t expect him to change his mind so quickly.

“Well, come here then.” He stood up, stumbled, then began to walk over to me.
“Let us make the new prince of Winteroaks,  my princess.”

Two hours later, Keth was out for the count, but I was stood at my window with one of my parents cigarettes. I’d never smoked after sex, but now seemed like the right time. When I’d finished, I took the empty bottle from Keth’s hand and threw it into the bushes outside, then slipped, still naked,  next to Keth, who was also, stark naked. I cuddled up next to him, to which he subconsciously responded, and fell into a deep sleep, having the past two hours running through my head whilst I did.


The End

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