Crash Landing.Mature

Searing heat tore across my skin, it wasn't until this moment that I'd realized why they'd actually invested in Blood Amulet teleportation. Hairs singed, skin peeled, and scream fell out into the nether, to travel forever and be heard by noone.

I barely notice the thundering crack of my landing, as a spell of curses flew out of mouth. It didn't take long for the heat to turn to cold as I realized I was kneeling in snow. Jumping up and hoping from one foot to another, wildely patting down my hair in an attempt to stop the smoldering. When eventually I came back to my senses and the heat died some, I noticed I was where I was standing, on one of the strange town streets of the world Earth, but the concerning thing was the two people either side of me.

After a moment, I recognised one of them as Eve, the other, however was a stranger. Dusting the crisp burnt black hairs off my arms, I turned to her. "Miss me, Princess?" I asked with a smile, unsure as to why she wouldn't meet my eye. After a moment, I followed her gaze. Reaching out I closed her mouth, and pushed her chin up so she was looking at my face. 

"Conversations up here, Princess." I said with a slight grin, and watched her ivory cheeks blush a bright red.

Turning around to face the new comer, I found him standing silently by the wall of the house. "Who are you?" I asked firmly, and he just shook his head and laughed. Taking his humor the wrong way, I was just about to inform him how cold it was tonight, but he cut off my words while I was forming them.

"You'll see, soon enough. This will be fun." He said with a evil smirk, before turning and disappearing down the alleyway. After he'd disappeared into the night, I turned back to Eve, whose head was again, dropped down. 

"Do you squat?" she asked, rather dazedly when I pulled her face back up to mine again.

"Squat? Princess, please."

"Sorry Keth," she said "But your-"

"Princess! Clothes. Can you find me some?"

"I'd rather not, to be honest."

"Eve, please."

"Oh, alright then. You'd better come inside."

She led me back through the threshold, the house seemed empty of all life but us, which I thought was strange, but I didn't think to question it. We headed up the stairs, into what could only have been her room.

"The man who lived here was only half your height, his clothes wouldn't fit. You'll have to wait till morning, I'll pick you up some then." she said, with a contented smile, obviously struggling to maintain eye contact.

I sighed dejectedly, begrudgingly accepting her reasoning.

"So what now, then?" I asked her.

The End

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