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The new guy followed me for the rest of the day. He seemed pretty cute, but I knew if I spoke to him, I would waste valuable time. I needed to find a way to get to Keth or Winteroaks. I wanted to go home.

After school, I ran out the gates and got into my car. It seemed that, when I left for Winteroaks two days ago, time froze and restarted when I came back. How I got to my desk, I'l never know. But I did, which meant someone made it so.

I finally arrived 'home' and went up to my room. No-one was home, so I logged on to the computer and searched 'Winteroaks'. There were only three websites which had information on it. One of which had a link to magic and wizards. I clicked on the link, hoping it would bring me happiness. But unfortunately, that wasn't what I found.

The Four Wizards

The four wizards were the great and powerful leaders of a medieval kingdom years ago. After a battle with the humans who inhabited their lands, they were banished from reality and were forced to inhabit a land called Winteroaks. Upon their arrival, two of the wizards decided to stay and create a new kingdom in which people could thrive and have happy lives. The other two decided that they deserved to return to reality and have their lives back. But in their attempts to return, one of the wizards was killed by the force-field that shielded them from escaping. The whereabouts of the final wizard is still unknown. 

I knew that the wizard it spoke of was the one I had encountered. That meant that he wanted me for some reason. I really was in danger and I couldn't even contact Keth to tell him.

The End

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