Finding the PrincessMature

John Smith.

That's who I was now. It's who the wizard wanted me to be. 

I walked through the halls of the school, allowing myself to stride like a highborn would. Maybe it would lure out the little princess, who knew? I simply had to find and watch her until I could actually grab her. It was my orders.

A girl, very attractive in looks, turned my way and stopped, her eyes wide and smile wider still. The wizard had said that black leather jackets and the 'biker' look would pull attention, but I did not think one like this would occur. 

"Hi," she said, walking up to meet me, "I'm Suzie! It's nice to meet a handsome boy like you!" I wanted to laugh. She had the looks, sure, but I could already tell her personality was enough to drive men away.

"Name's John," I replied, "and I'm headed to class. Buzz off." With that, I walked past her and headed to the room near the end of the hall. Boys and girls alike stared as I passed. Had they never met a new student? 

A few girls tried to stop me, but I did the same as with Suzie, telling them to get lost. They reacted differently than I hoped though, with my rejection looking like an invitation to constant flirts and smiles. Was there no end.

When I got into the classroom and found my seat, the girls stopped. I was sure they would start again, sure, but I was satisfied for the moment. Schools in this world were odd.

Then, I saw her. Sitting in the front row, with short blonde hair and a petite body, was the Princess of Winteroak. My target.

She looked back at me and our eyes met. What else could I do? I stared into her eyes, gave my widest smile, and winked at her. She blushed slightly, then turned away. I nearly laughed. This would be fun while it lasted. I had only boring jobs lately, so dealing with a little girl was a nice change.

Plus, it helped that the pay was good.

The End

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