A Less Elegant form of Travel.Mature

"Brilliant! Well this is just so, fucking Brilliant!" I yelled at Herezar, the kings personal magician.

The wizened old man, remained silent, eyeing me with his aged eyes.

"Can't you just fix my Blood Locket?"

"No Keth. We can't. Now, quick. Off with the armor!"

"Remind me why I have to go naked again?"

"You can go through clothed, Sir Ketharian-"

"Then why tell me I have to be naked!?" I cut in.

"But anything other than you that goes through will turn to ash."

Begrudgingly, I stripped out of my heavy leather armour, letting it drop to the floor. As I reached the final layer, I hesitated. Both the King and Queen were still in the room.

"Please Keth! There's no time to waste!" snapped the Queen. 

As shamelessly as possible, I stepped out of my breaches, and couldn't help shudder with the cold.

"Ok, remember, when you get there, locate and protect the princess! And find some local clothes, so you don't stand out so much."

Before I could even nod in agreement, he chanted a few sharp words and I felt the usual pull of teleportation at the back of my neck.

The End

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