Mirrored FeelingsMature

I woke up to see a baby blue four poster bed. It took me a minute to remember where I was. I sat up and pulled myself off the bed. There was a small note on the bed-side table:

   Eve, my darling, we have cooked a meal in honour of your gracious return to the kingdom. We ask for your presence, Keth shall accompany you. We give him our blessings and we wish him to be your solider. He has graciously accepted and now has an army waiting to guard you. The meal shall begin at twelve-thirty. We shall see you soon. 
                                                                                     - King Drake the Fourth

The past hours rushed back to me, I had seen Keth in a battle with an ancient wizard. He took my hair... I went to grab my blonde locks, but there was nothing to grab. My hair had been cut into a pixie cut. I ran to the bathroom and stared blankly into the mirror. My pale face looked perfect with short hair, but there was something that seemed wrong. Like I was wasting away. Was my hair important? Of course not, what a silly idea. 

I walked into the bed chamber again and saw a blue medieval dress lain on the opposite side of the bed, on which I was sleeping. It was beautiful. I picked it up, I was made of silk. It had a white lace around the bottom and middle of the dress, it also had sequins around the neckline and wrists. I quickly put it on and let it flow over my body. It was soft against my skin and I hugged myself, never wanting to take it off. 

There was a loud knocking at the door. I stopped hugging myself and walked over. I breathed in and out and opened the door. It was Keth, he was in a suit of armour with a blue over throw and we looked like a couple.  
"Eve. You look like an angel." He bowed so low that I thought his chin would brush the floor. He stood up and offered me his hand. I took his and walked with him, closing the door behind me. I saw myself in the mirror again and I looked even paler than before. What was happening? I ignored it again and carried on walking with Keth. He was my solider, my kinght. Me. Eve. Everything was perfect. I had a mother and a father who loved me and a sort-of boyfriend who had pledged himself to me. Nothing could go wrong. 
Famous Last Words.

Not long after me and Keth had entered the great hall and taken our seats, I fainted. It was strange. I hadn't eaten or drank anything, I sat down greeted the King and Queen. Then I fell off my chair and fainted. But that wasn't the problem. Waking up at my desk at school was. I was back with my fake parents and at school with Suzie. 
This was a problem, I couldn't get myself out of. With no Keth or army to protect me, I was in danger.

The End

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