Like mother like daughterMature

I'd never ridden a horse before, well I may have when I lived here. But I'm not too sure that I believe I did. Some things looked familiar, but it wasn't home.

Riding Penelope was easy, she was so majestic and she galloped as if she was one with the wind. Keth kept telling me to slow down, but I was having so much fun, I pretended to ignore him.

"Eve. We're almost there, wait for me!" I sighed, knowing that meant I'd have to dismount my beautiful mare. We trotted up to a gate, it had a long winding path that lead to the back door of the crystal palace. "Keth, where are we? Surely the King and Queen would be at the front of the castle, not the back?" He didn't respond, he just looked over at the small horse shelter. "Follow me."

I dismounted Penelope and handed Keth her reins, our hands briefly brushed against each other, but we ignored it. 

"We are about to enter the kitchens, I want it to be a surprise for them. They speak of you everyday and this would make the kingdom smile again. Please wear this." He handed me a black cloak from his riding bag and continued to tie up the horses in the shelter. He gave them some hay and guided me towards the door.

I threw the hood over my head and tried to cover each strand of blonde hair I could, apparently people would notice me. Keth put his hand over my shoulder and guided me inside. 

The kitchen was glimmering, the pots and pans, the table tops, even the fridge. Everything was sparkling clean. There was a sweet smell of ginger in the air, wafting through the room and out of the door. They definitely deserved notice for their cleanliness, and if this was the kitchen, I couldn't wait to see the rest of the castle.

We quickly ran out of the kitchen and into the main castle chamber, as Keth called it. He told me to hid behind a tall column and wait for him to call me. I was still wearing the riding gear Keth had given me, it was getting hot and I needed to change out of it.

Keth's booming voice quickly snapped me out of my personal monologue. 
   "Your majesties, I ask for you to join me in celebration this evening." I poked my head around the column and watched Keth's speech.
"Sir Ketharion, to what would bring us such a happiness?"
"Why, your highness, the princess of course." The king and queen jumped at the word. "Do not joke about this things sir. These are not things one should lie about."
"But your highness, I am not lying. I have found the princess and brought her here with me. She will join us if I ask. Do you wish to see her?"

The queen ran out of her throne and towards Keth. "Where is she? Oh, I have missed her so. Eight years is too long for a mother to be away from her daughter. Please, show me to her." 
Keth didn't have to call me, I began to walk over as the queen started talking. 
"Hello, I'm Eve. Its lovely to meet you."
"Eve is that really you?" The king had also left his throne and was walking over to me. 
"Well, my name is Eve. Whether or not I'm the Eve you're looking for, I don't know." I tried not to sound rude, I was talking to a king and queen. Who were supposedly my parents.

"Eve, I know this must be very difficult, but we are your real parents," said the king, he placed his hand on my shoulder. "We have cared for you since the day you were born. The horrible night you were stolen was the worst night of our existence. We have been searching for you ever since. Now that you are here, we can be a family again." He pulled me into a hug and I began to cry. The queen joined us in the hug as well. She too began to sob. This all felt so right, so comforting. It really felt like it was true. I'd found my real family.

The End

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