The GirlMature

The sun didn't effect us under the comfort of the snow. It was warm, which is strange, considering we were under at least 5 inches of snow. On a tree.

I looked over at Keth, he was snoring loudly. Not quite the attribute which I would hope he had acquired in his lifetime. As I've said before, he was beautiful, but he never seemed to look at me in the same way.

He shot bolt upright at stared at me. "What is it? Has something happened?" I looked around for anything to lie about.

"Um, a little snow fell onto me in the middle of the night, but other than that, no."

He looked around and pulled himself up on a branch, poked his head above the thick snow and pulled his head back down. "Well, its daylight. Which means the King and Queen will be expecting you in less than an hour. Hurry up. We need to leave now if we have any chance of making it on time.

I stood up, well attempted to. The moment I put my weight on my hand to push me up, Keth's chest piece pulls me back down. How can he carry that around each day? I smelt beautiful, leather laced with a hint of chocolate. My favourite... 

What was happening? First I noticed Keth, now I smell my favourite scents. Something fishy was going on.

Keth took the chest piece off me and dressed himself, I stood there staring, his muscles were showing and I could feel myself drooling. 

"Princes... Um, Eve. Are you ready to go?" I wiped the drool from my lips and grabbed his hand. He grabbed the branch above him and pulled himself up, still gripping onto my hand. When he was positioned securely on the branch, he pulled me up and above him and a pulled myself above the snow. Seconds later, Keth jumped up beside me.

"So where now handsome?" He looked at me and half smiled. He was gorgeous. Plus, there was no-one else around. I could have him to myself. "Eve, we must hurry." 
"Keth. I need to tell you something. I think I'm falling for you. We make the perfect match and I really need you. I think we would be great together. Let me show you how I know." I began to unbutton my blouse, but Keth grabbed my hand. 
"Eve. I don't feel the same way. I am a knight of Winteroaks, I am here to protect you. Not to defile you. Now please hurry."
I let out a sigh, grabbed my satchel and began to walk.

It had been half an hour when I saw it. The crystal spire of the tower. I knew I recognised it, maybe from a story, but I knew it. We began to walk faster, the snow kicking up behind us, I looked over to Keth, I knew I liked him and I wanted to try my hardest to know his feelings too. So in a last attempt of showing off, I began to run, "Last one there's a rotten egg!" 
"A rotten egg? What a disgusting thing to say. Oh! Its a race! You're on Princess!" Despite the heavy, leather chest plate and leg plates, he was fast. Fortunately, I had a head start and I was within steps of the castle drive. Just before I got there, Keth sped past me, bringing the scents of leather and chocolate with him. "There, that is how a knight does it."
I huffed at him and walked to the castle gate.

As I got there, a large mosaic on the side of the castle caught my eyes. It was a splash of intricate colours; blues, reds, greens. After being dazzled by the presentation, I realised the  mosaic was a range of pictures of me. One when I was a baby, with my date of birth above it, another of me at the age of five, carrying on until there was a half finished picture of me. It looked so perfect, as if someone was watching me and reporting back to the kingdom. 

"Its beautiful isn't it." Keth stood proudly next to me, his chest fluctuating quickly. "We've been waiting for the day of your return. But you were stolen when you were ten-years-old and we were unable retrieve you. You see, the miscreants who abducted you put a spell on you, making you forget your past, forgetting about your real life. Making you forget..." He was staring at the ground. 
"Keth? Forget what?" He looked up at me. 
"Your horse Penelope. I've been caring for her, she has also become my steed, but she has missed you. Come, we'll go and see her."

A horse! I loved horses! Completely ignoring the fact that I was abducted as a child, I ran towards the stables.

The End

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