Blades of GrassMature

Keth was beautiful. Besides the heavy suit of amour he was fashioning, he was the perfect man. His muscles were huge and his cheek bones were to die for. But he didn't seem to look at me in the same way.

I could understand why, I was short and not the prettiest girl in the world, however the 'hottest girl in school' just tried to fuck me, so I must be decent at least, right?

I took Keth's hand and he pulled me away to a field, the grass was overgrown and brushing softly against my legs. "Keth, what is this all about?" He sighed again, but he seemed to stifle a laugh as well. 

"Well you see, I'm here to take you away with me. Its not like I know you, but orders are orders and I must follow them." 

"Is this some sort of joke? Did Luke set you up? He wants me to move on doesn't he!" My heart felt like it was breaking, I loved Luke. Not only was he my first, he was the only boy who seemed to truly care about me, I know its cliché, but he was my romeo and I wanted to be his Juliet.

"Princess, we need to go." Did he just call me princess? I know I used to wish I was a princess, but my parents always told me to stop acting like a child. Maybe this was all a dream.

"Keth. I'm not a princess, I'm pretty sure I would know by now. But thanks for saving me from Suzie." He seemed confused.

"Eve. You are the heir to the throne of Winteroaks. Those people you call mother and father, aren't your real family. If you stay here, you will be in danger. You need to come with me and I am taking you with me no matter what you say." 

Before I could say anything, he grabbed my hand and the blades of grass began to disappear. 

The End

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