I grabbed my blouse of the tall, muscular boy to my left, it was the next best thing to my laced bra. Standing in the doorway stood a man, not a boy, a man. Tall, dark and handsome, for some reason I seemed to recognise him, but those thoughts rushed away as he waltzed towards us.

Suzie quickly hid behind the boys who inadvertently threw their clothes at me and huddled around her. I was completely revealed to him. "Are you Eve Oakwind?" My body tensed. How did he know my name? Barely anyone knew my name, but I'm sure the would after the incident with Suzie. 

I quickly grabbed my scattered clothes and dressed myself, not caring how I looked. I turned back to Suzie, "You come near me again and I'll make sure Luke knows how you cheated on him with Tyler." Her eyes widened, I had her right where I wanted her. But I knew it would only be a matter of time before she had me surrounded again.

I looked at the man stood before me, he had fluffy auburn hair, it looked like a cloud. I knew I recognised that hair, I remembered playing with it. Who was this man?

"How do you know my name?" I asked adamantly. He sighed and reached out his hand, did he expect me to just grab it and follow him? What sort of person did he think I was? A slut. That's what I was, I let Luke mess around with me and also the incident with Suzie left me aroused and wanting more.

"I'm sorry, I need to talk to someone. Please just leave me alone." I grabbed my satchel and walked out of the canteen. I knew it was wrong and I knew it wouldn't get me anywhere, people would call me a slut or shun me, but I knew who I wanted. I knew Luke would definitely satisfy my needs.

The End

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