Double TroubleMature

They say home is where the heart is. I often wonder who said that. Sometimes I think they must have been a total dolt. It's times like these I look to my own heart. Maybe I envy the person who said it? I can only imagine their lives were much less complicated than mine is, or anyone else's is today for that fact. Yes,I guess I envy them, just a little. I know I'm loved at home, but I've always felt out of place... Or is it out of time? Almost like I'm somewhere I never belonged. I guess maybe it's normal teenage stuff for one to feel this way. Then again I've never felt like the average, normal teenager. But more on this later...

It was finally the end of the day, and I decided to stick to my usual route through the canteen. I just didn't want to be seen any more by anyone after my big run in, and the canteen was always empty after classes were over. But that decision wasn't even a very good one. As I walked into the canteen, I suddenly found myself surrounded by four boys, and Suzie. Yes, the Suzie McLough, up close and personal.The four boys had ringed me in, with Suzie. Suzied smiled at me. It was rather wicked and sadistic, cruel and twisted. "Looks like I've got you right where I want you, Oakwind."

I stood there in the middle of it all, just hoping I wasn't going to be slapped again. I clung tightly to my book satchel, and looked down at Suzie's feet. "Drop the satchel, Oakwind," said Suzie in a commanding way. "I won't tell you twice. We'll take it from you if you don't." What else could I do? I dropped my satchel to the floor, then mustered up enough courage to look her in the eyes. "What is it you want from me?" I said. Suzie cupped my face in her hands, then without warning, leaned in and kissed me hard full on the lips. I was in a state of shock at that point, not having expected her to do that. It was almost like the kiss had me spellbound. "You know exactly what I want" she whispered into my ear. "Now take off all your clothes, and hand them to the boys. I want to see exactly what Luke saw that time you boffed him." She reached into her satchel, and pulled out a nice sized purple phallus with straps attached to it. "And if I like what I see, I might just want to experience what Luke did with you. Now be a good girl, and don't make the boys strip you. I can't guarantee your clothes will survive if they do."

What choice did I have? I was all alone, surrounded by four boys who were ready at Suzie's command to rip my clothes to shreds. I took off my jacket and handed it to one of them. Then I slowly started to unbutton my blouse with trembling hands. I pulled the tails out of my skirt, and shrugged the blouse off my shoulders, handing it over as well. Suzie looked at my cleavage. She reached out and touched the fabric of my bra, caressing my breasts and nipples through the fabric. Embarrassingly enough, my nipples hardened and poked through the fabric. "Looks like someone is getting turned on by all of this" she said. She kissed the tops of my breasts, and licked my cleavage. She wasted no time as she undid my bra and removed it. She sucked on each nipple, and the embarrassment I felt was suddenly leaving, being replaced by other emotions. I closed my eyes as she licked and sucked, thinking to myself "This can't be happening,"

The sucking and licking suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes, and it seemed like a great task to do it. Suzie smiled again. "Guess what, Oakwind. I like what I see. I'm going to enjoy fucking you. Now get the rest of your clothes off."

I closed my eyes after I stepped out of my shoes. I undid my belt, then found the buttons holding my skirt up. Slowly I unbuttoned them for what seemed like an eternity. I unzipped it, and let it fall to the floor. All I had lrft covering me were my stockings and my little pink knickers with little yellow ducks on them. I called them my lucky duckies. I kept wishing this were no more than a dream, a nightmare if you will, that I would suddenly wake up from.

A sudden, loud bang startled all of us. I instinctively covered my exposed breasts the best I could, and wildly glanced around the canteen.

The End

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