I knew walking down the corridor was a mistake. It was a change to my usual route, through the canteen. But I thought I needed a change, bad idea.

I walked straight into Luke, the hottest guy in school who also happens to be my lab partner. As luck would have it, he was with this friends, so he was an arse about everything.

"Would you look where you're going? I'm walking here." Although it seems like he's a total prick, he definitely is not.

We had a thing. Like a Thing. We were both at a holiday camp and he came onto me, I didn't really get why, but its Luke Faircloud. I mean, come one.

Anyway, bumping into Luke wasn't the problem, it was Suzie. Suzie McLough, Luke's ex. 

She knew about me and Luke and she was definitely not happy we did it. Oh, did I not mention that? Yeah, um. Whatever.

  "Eve Oakwind. Get away from him." 

People began to stare at me, the students and the teachers. What was I supposed to do? Well, I did the wrong thing, that's for sure.

  "Suzie. Get over the fact that Luke isn't with you. I'm not with him either, so grow up and drop it."

Huge, Huge mistake. My face had a blood red hand-mark for the day. Through chemistry and maths, lunch and English. I just wanted to get out.

If that day wasn't bad enough, what was waiting for me at home wouldn't be any better.

The End

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