The Ring

I looked up in fear at the creature before me. It reached out it's clawed hand to me, taking my wrist pulling me to my feet and supporting me on its shoulder.

"Hello Queen Noira." That voice. And those eyes. Oh my. "I beleive  you ave my ring?" he said warmly. I nodded swiftly, and gulped. He put his hands either side of me on the wall, pinning me. I put my hands on the wall, staring into his eyes.

"My Father, how is it you are alive?" I asked. He frowned.

"I'm...not sure." he licked his black thin lips as he slid his ar round my back and the oter into my back pocket. I jumped forward, into his arms. He pulled the ring from my pocket. He took iit holding me to him. I shuddered. He held me tightly.

"My Daughter, you kissed my hand befoe I began to burn. Why?"

"You are my father."

"Am I your father?" He asked, looking at the ring, twiddling it within his clawed hands. I looked away, then back into his eyes. Blood red drops sat there. The dragon roared behind us.

"You wear the mark of your land upon your head. You've...made me proud." He almost smiled. He lifted my hand, and lid the ring onto my finger. I smiled. He held my hand gently. Fur covered him, but I could see red tears streaked it. I brushed those tears away.

"You'll see me again, Your Magesty." He bowed, and ran after a woman who had been peering at us. I looked at the ring. I took off the ring, and looked inside. In small writing, it said, power by threefold, true power revealed. I smiled, slipping it on once more. I pushed off from the wall, but fell back down. "Ah..." I remember now. It boosted you Gifts, not your wounds.

I pushed myself  up. True power, huh? I leaned against the wall, and twisted the ring round three times. I fell, pushed forward by an invisible force. I looked back. Gray wings were sprouting from my back. I grinned. Yes....

I flapped, pulling myself up. I flapped and flapped, and flew up, over the building. The dragon was weaker now, I could see. Will's tunic was ripped slightly, but everyone was fine. Will squinted at me, before fying over. Ax yelled down below, but Will kept coming. He smiled, hugging me tightly.

"What happened to you?" he whispered, flapping more to keep up.

"My dad's proud of me." I said tears blurring my eyes.

"He came?!?! Why didn't you stop him?!"

"Because he gave me this. It makes me stronger by three times. It...was one of the main sources of his power." I smiled.


"He's weak. He's fast, he looks demonic, but he's weak in power."

"You. Are. Brilliant." he said, kissing my forehead, nose and lips. The dragon fell below us. We let ourselves drop gently, and we landed together on the ground. I showed the ring to Bundle and Ax. Bundle held my hand, looking at the ring from all angles.

The End

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