Lovin' Angels

I couldn't keep my eyes of the wings on Will's back. So beautiful....So pure.... The dragon looked away from him, and down to me. It stared, into my eyes, never blinking. I splayed my fingers wide, and kept eye contact. I brought the creature's head down, down, closer to mine. I stroked the smooth scales near its  eye. I kept glancing at Will.

The dragon closed its eyes, then looked back up at Will, coming out of my control. I let a teardrop drip down my cheek. It hit the floor. The dragon let out an almightly roar. It swung its head down, to look at me again. It opened its large mouth, lined with razor sharp teeth. I heard a shout. I raised a hand, stopping Will from coming to me. the dragon's long black tounge touched my cheek, then pulled away. I rubbed it away. Through the tears the dragon had tasted, I sent images of Wolfram, Will, everything that ad happened to me. The drgon roared again, and stamped a foot. I fell over in the tremble. The dragon took a step forward, about to come down and crush me.

"Noira, move!" I heard. I whispered back softly, "I can't." Then, strong arms took me up, just before the dragon's foot came down. Will was holding me in his arms. "Have you got a deathwish, Princess?" he gasped. I gave a little laugh. I kissed him softly, then let him place me down. I gasped in pain. I signaled for Will to go. He left relectantly, before Bundle came. "What happened?" He said. I touched my ankle. It stung. Ow.

"I think I twisted my ankle." I said softly. Bundle looked back over his shoulder, scooped mme up, and ran. He placed me down behind a house, saying, "Stay here. I'll come back for you.", before running off again with my remaining dagger. I sighed. "Be careful. I love you, my angels." I whispered. I looked up, and screamed.

The End

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