Bowing For The Fallen

I ran out after the others, and stopped near Gormund's body. I smiled as Bundle explained about the Gifts of a Paladin, the Guardian of Gifts. I gave a small giggle. "At least you won't go looney." I whispered, making Will jump. I put on arm over him shoulder, one under the opposite arm, and linked my hands round him chest, leaning my chin on his shoulder.

I watched as Bundle drew the sign of a hammer hitting an anvil on his forehead with blood. I unlinked myself from Will, and knelt beside Gormund. I took his still warm hand. I pressed my forehead to it, and whispered, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." The wind blew, then dropped again. I shivered. "Thank you. You didn't deserve to die, brave Gormund. I knew you not, but you did no deserve this." I whispered.

I laid his hand by his side again, and stood. Bundle gave me a quick smile. I turned to the fully. "Could we bury him? I say that we should give him a burial fit for royalty, as I would for any of you, or maybe myself." I said, looking round at them all in turn. Bundle nodded, with a smile in his eye. Will and Ax seemed a little surprised that when I had asked for forgiveness, the wind had answered me.

I knel again, and pushed my arms under Gormund's body. More blood stained my clothing. Bundle stepped forwards. "Princess, this is rather peculiar for royalty to..."

"If he is to be honoured as a hero, then at least let us carry his body to a place suitable for his burial. Blood may stain my hands and clothes, but I shall still carry those brave fallen from battle." I said to him firmly. Ax helped me to lift him. We carried him to the blacksmith's, and I searched the whole buidling till I found the room where he would have stayed. Ax laid Gormund on the bed. "Let us search for a suitable place." I said softly. I took off my bloodstained cloak, and laid it over his body, leaving his face uncovered. Bundle and Will watched at the doorway I looked around, and found an arrow. With a piece of scrap metal, I carve Wolfram's name into it, and placed it in Gormund's hand, curling him fingers round its middle. I slid my hand across the shaft, letting a few drops of my blood stain it. "Wolfram's blood runs in my veins. This arrow will keep his body from harm if any of Wolfram's allies were to come." I said. Everyone seemed shocked by what I had done. I took off my scarf, and wrapped it more tightly round my neck, covering the scars.

The End

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