Stay With Me...

I gave Bundle and Ax a quick hug, and a kiss on the cheek each. "Thank you, dear friends, for freeing me from my father's grasps compleatly. And for taking me in when no one else would." I said, smiling softly. They both gave a smile, Bundle gave more of a sheepish, embarresed one.

I, along with Will, hauled Wolfram's body into the cold furnace. I sighed. I lit it carefully. "May I be alone for a while?" I asked softly. They nodded, nd walked out of the blacksmith's to stand outside. I watched as the body began to burn. An arm fell slightly. I took the hand gently, and sighed. He had tried to kill us, but he was still my father. I touched the hand to my lips, and stared at the ring on his finger. A plain golden band. He said that I could have it if I proved myself of him. I slid it off his finger, and into my pocket. I put his arm carefully back in, and knelt by, head bowed. I felt a hot tear slide down my cheek. Not for him, but for Skathian.

An hand pressed on my shoulder. My head snapped round. Will ws stood there. He knelt by my side. "Wolfram w-was right. I-If I become queen of Skathian, my people would never respect me. how could I show my face to my people?" I sobbed. Will wrapped him arms round me, hushing me, rocking me slightly.

"Noira Puro, you are the lost princess of Skathian. You have barely been inside your kingdom before Wolfram swept you away with him. They will be able to teach you. Bundle, Ax and I will always support you." he told me, cuppin my face in his hands, making me look into his eyes. I smiled, and hugged him tightly.

"Will, thank you, so much. For taking the pain away, for staying with me, for helping me prctice my fighting. For everything. I feel so alone, yet you and the others are so close. Why do I feel so...lonely?" I smiled a little. Will gave a little shrug. I kissed his neck gently.

"Will? " I asked softly.


"Stay with me forever. Please. I love you." I whispered. He gave a small laugh, and I kissed his lips softly. He pulled himself close, closing his eyes. I pulled away gently, and leaned my forehead against his, staring into his eyes. He smiled, then we pulled apart, as we heard a chuckle. Ax was leaning on the doorframe, and Bundle beside him, both grinning from ear to ear at us. Will pulled me up, and we all laughed.

The End

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