Not Any More

As Wolfram lowered his hood, Will Pulled both me and himself behind Ax. I didn't even know what was happening till I peeked out from behind his back. I pulled out the Knifes, and stood with pure hatred in my eyes. I glanced round. This place was close to where we had buried Scurro.

"Five of Belender's weapons!" exclaimed Wolfram. He stared at me. I was still half hidden behind Ax. Wolfram laughed. "You brought a little girl with you, did you? What's she going to do, huh?" he scoffed. Rage bubbled up inside me. I ajusted the crown of Skathia upon my head, and walked infront of Ax. Silence came. The wind blew slightly, whipping my hair round my face, then pushing it back again. I stared into the eyes of my father.

"Noira....Come to me." He whispered. I smiled, and stood, still poised with the Knifes. Wolfram looked outraged, then his eyes darted to my neck, then to the crown on my head. I gave a less than friendly smile.

"Not any more, Wolfram. After lying to me. 'It's for your own good, my Niece'." I mimiced his voice.

"My daughter, I..."

"If you touch my friends you will die. We are no longer linked. I am the rightful Queen of Skathia, and you know it." I said dangerously. Wolfram gve a mocking bow. I gave a little growl. "Do that again, and you'll be talking high pitched for the rest of your short life." Ax gave a little snort behind me. I held both Knifes of Belender in my right hand, and let my other hand drop to my side. "Try anything and I'll skewer you. I am a Warrior Princess, after all. And a sly twisted one at that. Guess you did teach me something after all. How to kill an enemy." I gave a small, wicked smile. Will walked forward causiously, sword raised. He gave a little laugh in my ear.

"It's hardly the time for this, but it feels weird for me to be about to kill your dad." he murmured. I gave a laugh, and whispered back, "He's not my father. He's nothing but an old, worthless sod who killed my best friend and wants to kill his own daughter, her two best friends and the man she loves more than her own life." Will looked to me sideways, and gave a smile. I winked at him. I became serious. "Not the time!" I hissed. He shook his head, and we all fixed our eyes on Wolfram.

The End

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