Hidden Love

As I pulled Will into the clearing to se the beautiful sight, I looked out, over the hills to the golden symbols and trees. He then pulled me close to him. I was slightly shocked by this. One hand was on the Collar, the other on my shoulder. I smiled softly. "Kiss me." I whispered. I brushed my lips against his, then gave him a nip on the neck. "Hehe, if vampires were real, and I was one, you would have been a little snack." I giggled softly. I let my fingers slid round his back, letting my fingers trail down his back. The Collar was paining me now. I let my hand rest on his heart. The steady beat relaxed me.

I pressed my face to his gently. "You make the pain go away. You make the pain I feel worth while. You, and the others as friends, are my only reason for living." I whispered. I pressed him to the gray smooth stone, kissing him. I pulled away slightly, then let out a little cry. It felt  like ten needles hand just come out from my neck. I sat back up with Will, and touched the crown on my head. It wasn't heavy like other crowns. It was light and delicate on my head. I stood, and picked up the Knifes of Belender. Will put his shirt on a high branch, and I tossed him a knife. He grinned.

We began to lunge, turning and jumping. Will pinned me to the gray slab, holding the knife against mine, pushing down. I peked him lightly on the lips, then pushed him off me laughing. We twisted and stopped as we saw Bundle. He was as red as the blood I felt staining my hands all these years, even though it had long washed away. Will's shirt fell off the branch above, and landed on my head. I giggled. I took off the crown, and hid it under his shirt. "Where's my shirt?" asked Will looking up. I giggled.

"It attacked me. Its here!" I mumbled the first part, then said the second part louder. Will gave a little snort. "May I have it back?" he asked, putting a hand out. I giggled, and skipped about like a little girl. "No." I giggled. I grinned. I noticed Will had a few scratches on his back. I bit my lip. It must have been me when the Collar hurt me. "You're rather red, Bundle!" I remarked, still skipping about, Will's shirt clutched to my chest. The scent hanging round it was sweet, and I inhaled slightly. Bundle told me he was sunburnt. What a load of wolf turd! He had noticed the scratches too. I agreed that it was the knifes, and added in that it might have been rocks when he fell.

Bundle seemed annoyed with himself. Will asked him what was up, placing a had on his shoulder. Bundle brushed the hand off softly, he walked off mumbling. I placed the crown back onto my head proudly. I held Will's shirt open for him. He slipped into it, and I giggled. I hugged him, and kissed him again, making sure Bundle had left. I ran my fingers through his hair. His hands rested on my waist, and I caressed his face inbetween my hands. "I think we should keep this a secret from the guys. Just for while." said Will softly. I giggled, and gave a nod. I pretended to think for a minute. "Yeah, and from all of the Skathians, hmm? Not exactly what they'd want, thier princess with someone like you. Well, I guess they'll have to accept it."

Will laughed, and held me close. I slipped my hands round his back again, running my fingers along his back. He gave a little shudder. "I'd never thought that this sort of thing would happen to me. I mean, going on a flipping journey, fighting Wolfram, finding that he's your freaking father, and meeting the lost princess of Skathia!"

"Yeah. But that little lost princess can return home now. And she's not little, and she's not lost anymore. Thanks to a foriegn prince of unknown origins. Hehe, yeah, that's what we'll tell them. Royalty amoung others. My diamond in the rough." I said softly. Will smiled and kissed me lightly. "And to think that I didn't trust you less than a week ago." he grinned. I smiled, took his hand, and walked after Bundle. "And the twisted little vixen fell in love with the lion with flipping huge muscles and and the even bigger huge heart tht let her in." I giggled. Will laughed, and slipped an arm round my waist as we walked.

"Y'know, when Scurro was killed, my heart built a strong stone wall round me with a moat of troubles and sadness. I was stood peeping over the top. Just a few minutes ago, someone came and knocked the wall down, and saved me. It was you." I said softly. Will gave a little smile. I began to sing under my breath. I looked up. The sun was almost gone over the horizon. "Jeez, we've wasted most of the day away!" Will laughed.

I shrugged. "Well, its been an exciting day for me. Hmmm...let's see...I don't feel worthless anymore, I don't have the Collar on me anymore, I have the Crown of Skathia upon my head, and....nothing else I don't think....heyyy, why have you got your arm round me? Oh yeah, I forgot, I fell in love with ya!" I giggled. Will shushed me furiously between stifling laughter. We saw Ax still snoring, and Bundle dropping off.   Will dropped his arm from my waist, and I helped him pull a large stone closer. We both leaned on it, smiling at each other. Ax gave a particularly loud snore. I giggled. As the stars began to come out, I pointed at a few constellaations, showing them to Will. I explained how we could use them as a map. "Well, if we need a map, use it on paper. It doesn't dissapear in the day. Hopefully." He grinned. I smiled, and dispite the snoring, I curled up slightly starting to drop off. An arm slid over me, and pulled me closer to Will. I smiled sleepily, and laid my head on his chest.

I listened to the steady beat of his heart. He had one arm round me, one hand fondling with my hair absent-mindedly. Will's warm body warmed me in the cool night air. I sighed, and slipped an arm over his stomach. Will laughed quietly, and arched his back. "You've got cold hands." He said softly. I shook my head, and laid down again. I heard Will's snuffly snores a while later. I smiled.

"Sleep, dear Will, let your dreams take flight, and I pray, you have sweet dreams tonight. Sleep, dear prince, let your dreams take wing, and I pray, someday, you will be my king." I sang softly to him, before drifting off myself.

The End

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