Fate, Death and Love

As they began to talk about fate, future and love, I felt a tear come to my eye. Will put a hand on my shoulder. Bundle said that fate and love could not co-exist. "I believe it does co-exist. If friendship is  mild version of love, then was it fate that we became friends?" I said softly. They looked at me questionally. I sighed, and brushed away a tear.

"When I was younger, I had only one friend. Also a servent of Wolfram. He loved me. I loved him. When we were aloud to rest, we would sit hand in hand. Wolfram...did care for me. He wanted what was best. He found me in Scurro's arms, and Scurro was about to kiss me. Ugh...wht happen next...was terrible. Wolfram picked me up out of his arms, put me down, then ripped Scurro's arms off. He then murdered him. He killed my best friend, and the only one I thought I would ever have. He put the Collar on me that day." I told them.

I touched my fingers to the Collar. "I buried Scurro's body, under Wolfram's supervision. Scurro had a sword, he named her after me, and a wolf cub that he kept with him. I buried the sword with him, and the wolf cub died, and laid itself upon his master's grave before it died. That's why I prefer to use a wolf as a mount than a horse or any other creature." I finished. Willard dnd Bundle looked horrified when I told then about Scurro.

"Wolfram, your own father, killed your best friend? He was only a child. He murdered a child." Ax said in disgust. I gave a nod.

I sighed, and gave a smile. "But I won't let that hold me back! I have new friends, who I would die to protect!" I said happily, and gave each of then a quick hug. We then walked on, and I could almost hear my friends thinking. I could hear my own mind ticking away. I jumped upon a fallen tree, and put my arms out, walking across it.

"Love truly is the best thing. But love is only true when you can be together, and care, not for money, power, or anything else. In love you need to accept who the person is, and that they won't change." I said softly.

"I agree." Will said, making me jump, almost falling off the log. I jumped down, and walked along side him. "What's your favorite sort of love?" I asked him. He gave a laugh. "What do you mean? Love is love."

"Nooooo, I mean, some are aloud, some are disapproved. Mine favorite is forbidden love. Like between a princess and a normal person, or a king wedded to a servant girl. You see what I'm saying?" I explained. Will nodded. He gave shrug. "Scurro isn't going to hold me back. Someday, I'll find someone else who loves me truly. Someone to help me, and I could help them. Fight side by side, and sit close to when we need comfort."

Will gave a little nod. "That sounds nice. But first we need to take down Wolfram, and any of his allies." He said quietly.  I gave a little shock. "You mean...I can stick with you guys, even though I am his daughter, and he could turn me on you? " I asked. Will nodded. I smiled, and gave a little laugh. I kissed Will's cheek, and ran ahead to the others, smiling and laughing with them. Nothing would harm my friends. Not while I was still kicking. I began to sing cheerfully, unaware that the others were giving me strange looks. "Why are you so happy all of  sudden?" Laughed Bundle. I smiled, and shrugged.


The End

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