Willing To Die

They trusted me now...I thought. Well, Bundle did. He fought for me saying that I should be carrying the Knifes of Belendar as well as the Collar. I realized that Will might not have trusted me, since i was tethered to my 'father'. The others explained that Wolfram was my father, and not the man I thought was my father. I disgust myself. I began to think.

If Wolfram used me as an energy source, what would happen if I was killed? Would he die also? Or would he be weak enough for others to capture? I stopped walking. The other stopped, and gave me a questioning glance. I shook my head, and kept walking. I pulled Bundle behind.

 "I want you to kill me. I have figured that I am Wolfram's main source of power, as I can feel him always sapping my energy. If I die, then he would have nothing to sap life from. He will be weak enough to capture and kill, or maybe killing me would result in his death also." I whispered. Bundle almost walked into a tree, as he was not watching where he was going. I brushed a dead leaf from his shoulder. He told the others what I had said. They said nothing in return.

The End

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